Friday, September 15, 2006

Check Out Uli, Michael, Laura and Jeffrey's lines at Olympus Fashion Week


Anonymous Thysz said...

First comment!!! I loved Uli's and LAura's!!!!

September 15, 2006 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Meredith said...

I didn't really like Jeffrey's, no pizazz.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Uli's, the prints and the metallics.

I also LOVED Michael's, and I could see celebrities lining up to wear his collection.

I LIKED Laura's, it was elegant and pretty but I wasn't blown away.

It's a hard decision between Uli and Michael.

September 15, 2006 12:33 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

I agree - Uli and Michael were soooo amazing -- but I was really surprised with Jeffrey's - he did a lot of things I didn't expect - including an Uli dress! And Laura was wonderful too -- but a little too much black lace for my taste....still no clear #1 in my head - need to stare at the pictures a little longer :)

September 15, 2006 12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for putting the collections was very confusing on the getty site!
Can't pick a favorite...although I love Laura's style I can't say I think she's a clear winner. You never know what the judges are looking for. Is it color, cut, construction, style? They seem to reward different things each time!
I'm sure if the show was in Florida Uli would win! I have to try to duplicate her halter pattern! It flatters every body type - maybe that's what they're looking for (the judges)! Even though we've seen the collections I still want to see the next challenge! Who is the decoy??????

September 15, 2006 8:11 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)

I still have no clue who is the decoy or who is the best...

September 15, 2006 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Uli was really fantastic (and I mean it, because in the show I didn't like her style).
*Jeffrey was a shock to me. I didn't like it at the first look, but now I can appreciate better the looks he created and I love the skinny pants.
*Michael was a little too clean. I believe in his truly talent, and his collection was very clean and nice, but he could have designed something more WOW!
*Laura... oh, Laura... I didn't like Laura's at all. One of the black dresses had feathers and looked like a Santino dress. I liked some of the pieces, but the entire collection looked tired and sad (because of the black).

September 18, 2006 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taking into consideration past seasons, judging styles, progression and personalities my opinion is that Jeffery took all of it into consideration quite obviously. He kept his style but also brought it up another level unlike Santino from last season who tried to hard to please the judges and neglected his true style to no avail. Chloe made good clothes but ended up being wasted talent. She took a spot someone else would have taken full advantage of. She is small minded by the fact she went back to her little boutique shop, shame.

Laura, Anyone else notice she is the only one who didn't do a swimsuit? Too much black and too much lace. Lace in nice as an accent or for undergarments. Personality she is uptight, ruthless, elitest, envious, etc. A person with character, true ettiquitte and courage will speak to someone face to face 1st when they have a problem. Just because she couldn't finish with 5 kids running around doesn't mean someone with one can't. Reminds me of the spoiled little girls who tattle tale because they can't stand up for themselves. She's great at assembly work and will do well for executing others work I think. Creativity...I don't think so, I feel like I am in one of those old 1920's black & white films.

Michael took Tim's advise and is a close second, too much of the wild striped print though.

Uli, diversified more than before but not enough. Her dresses where simplistic, easy to make too common for the celebrity, fine for everyday women. Think about it, everyday common designs never create the commotion, media frenzy that most outfits displayed at Olympus intend to do. Previous seasons considered she doesn't fare well. She has that same finish at the top on almost every outfit. The rest are slightly altered versions of her one winning outfit.

October 11, 2006 10:53 PM  

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