Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyber Monday!!!

So did any of you wake up at 5 am and get in on those great sales on Black Friday*? Oh, you slept in? So you think you missed out completely on those insane bargains?

Think again.

Today is Cyber Monday!!! (Also known as Black Monday) Today is the official kick-off of the holiday online shopping - and some websites offer great deals. If you can find them please share them here - and I will link to some I have already found as well.

So far I have found most websites have free shipping, very low shipping, or spend a low amount (like $50) and get free shipping.

Many websites have online coupons. Before you go spending at any website make sure you do a quick google search for online coupons. Many coupon websites will give you the code to enter in at checkout and you can get all types of discounts. In the past I have used online coupons for shopping at and Check out Deal Catcher (which has every type of store imaginable and lists the best deals at those stores), Daily Deals, and Coupon Mountain. If those don't work for you just google the name of the store with the words "online coupon" following it. Most stores have online coupons all year round and special coupons just for today so don't miss out on the deals.

Many online stores have teamed up with Google to give you more discounts. If you sign up for Google Checkout, you can store your credit card information with Google and check out at many online stores without entering in your information over and over again. If you use Google Checkout you are eligible for more discounts at those stores.

Target has free shipping on more than 25,000 items and a bunch of deals. You can get a 32 inch LCD HDTV for $899. Actually they have too many sales to list here - just go check out the site and you can find a lot on sale.

Staples is offering many items at more than a 50% discount. LCD monitors, office chairs, copiers, printers, and more.

Sephora has a free gift if you spend more than $50 - a bag with 8 deluxe samplers: Oscar Blandi Luce hair treatment, L 'Occitane verbena salt scrub, cleansing cream, Peptide Intensive treatment, Lancome Mascara, Urban Decay Lip plumper, Smashbox soft lights, and Make Up for Ever eye pencil. (Coupon Code: CIRQUE9)

Although Walmart is often a source of controversy, you have to admit their stuff is cheap. And right now you can get most items shipped for 97 cents. Get a 42 inch LCD flatscreen for $1,198.00 (you may have to pay shipping on that one), 19 inch LCD with DVI input computer screen for 149.87, 3 PS2 games for $25, a Starbucks coffee sampler/holiday basket for $18.22 and tons of toys, dvds and electronics at discounted prices.

Who else is joining in on the deals? Home Depot, Sports Authority, Dell, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Sam's Club,, Office Depot, Macy's, Nordstrom, JC Penney and Sears.

(*And for those of you who think Black Friday isn't real or doesn't have cheap stuff, you have never been to Target on Black Friday to see piles of boxes of electronics at a quarter of its normal price being sold out very quickly)



Blogger happy roy said...

i was in best buy at 5 am and got GREAT deals! i bought a 22" widescreen LCD monitor for my future bro-in-law as a christmas gift...and i got it for $200!!!! that was my best purchase of the day in terms of sales and deals.

anyway, if you want to print out coupons or find out about deals, always has great coupons available.

November 27, 2006 11:54 AM  

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