Monday, April 23, 2007


AID ATLANTA is the Southeast's largest AIDS service organization. They provide outreach, research, and support for those who are infected/affected by HIV & AIDS.
One of the largest fundraisers that AID ATLANTA has is the annual Atlanta Cotillion. This year, I have the honor of participating in Cotillion as one of the Debutantes. Below is a brief history of the Cotillion and it's efforts:
In 1997, J. D. Kellum and Jeff Paramore created the first Atlanta Cotillion Ball to provide a creative and unique opportunity to raise awareness as well as funds for the HIV/AIDS community. In 2002, led by John McGuirk and a dedicated group of community volunteers, the Atlanta Cotillion was reorganized to maximize the fundraising potential of this unique event. In 2004 John McGuirk passed the leadership responsibilities to Edward Holifield, Harrison Perry and Greg Whitmire.
Edward Holifield and Greg Whitmire currently Co-Chair Atlanta Cotillion. Their shared vision as Co-Chairs is to enhance and grow the event each year while remaining true to its founding traditions. Annually, 12 gentlemen from the Atlanta community are invited to participate as Debutantes in a fundraising competition to benefit HIV / AIDS charities. Since 2002, the Atlanta Cotillion has donated more than $250,000 to AID Atlanta, the largest AIDS service organization in the southeast. For more information on AID Atlanta, visit
After months of creative individual Debutante fundraising efforts, the Atlanta Cotillion social season culminates in the lively and entertaining Atlanta Cotillion Ball. In keeping to tradition the Debutantes with their escort are presented to celebrate their fundraising successes. As the highlight of the evening, the Debutante who has raised the most funds is crowned Queen of the Atlanta Cotillion Ball. Past Atlanta Cotillion Ball Queens consist of Aric Castleberry 2002, Harrison Perry 2003, Steve Dondero 2004. In 2005 having raised a record $25,000 Jody Woodruff was crowned Queen of the Atlanta Cotillion Ball.
Each year, the Cotillion hovers just below the $100,000 mark in funds raised. Last year, $94,000 were raised - with ALL of that going directly to AID Atlanta. 100 % of the proceeds go directly to AID Atlanta and their efforts! This year, we plan to break the $100,000 mark.
How can you help me? Well, you can support my efforts at Cotillion. On May 1, the website -, will be up and running. Simply go to my area (Steven Igarashi), and you can donate online. Additionally, I'm interested in any ideas you have for fundraising. Wanna throw a fundraiser for me? GREAT! Work for a large company that can sponsor me? EVEN BETTER! No idea is too small or too large!!!!
Let me hear from you! It's for a great cause, and I hope to see you at Cotillion on September 15, 2007.


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