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Lost - Season 3, Episode 22 - "Through The Looking Glass" Recap/Review

Well, it's over. The third and most epicist (I just made up that word) of Losts' seasons is done. And we're all more confused than we were in January!

I have a confession to make. I'm new to Lost. I know, I know, I talk with so much authority, it's almost as if I'm as big a fan as everyone else. But I'm an impostor. I only started watch Lost over this past summer. Season 3 was the first season I watched as it aired and not in one frenzied two week marathon. So, it was a different and - honestly - less satisfying experience. Yet there's something to be said for slogging through the weeks and the months of build up and anticipation. There's definitely a feeling of completing a journey that comes with the end of a season of a show like Lost. We've seen deaths of friends, tricks of fate, reversals of loyalty, and cruel justice.

As for tonight's episode, I have a lot of criticisms. Things I would have preferred be different. Various lapses in logic stand out and diminish the episode, but I would definitely say I walked away satisfied (which is more than I can say about the last five movies I saw), with the episode and the with the season as a whole.

Let's get to it then. First part: The recap!

We start with Jack, on an airplane, with a frazzled beard. Drunk. He sees a newspaper in the next seat. We can't quite make out what it is, but by Jack's reaction, it seems to be an obituary. Someone has died. Next we see Jack driving up to a bridge and stopping by the railing. He pulls out a piece of newspaper, glances at it, and begins to cry. He attempts a phone call but stops midway through his first sentence. Jack gets out of the car.

He goes over to the railing and stands very close to the edge. He looks up at the sky, says, "forgive me," and leans over. Behind me, the sound of a car skidding and crashing. A woman's voice cries, "Help me," and a little boy shouts "Mama!" Jack rushes to the rescue.

Cut to Jack - beardless - on the island, on the beach. Everyone is still getting ready to leave. Last minute moments are in full- effect. Jack has a heart-to-heart with Sayid. Jack smiles at Kate. Kate smiles at Sawyer. Rosseau longly watches Claire and Aaron. Rose tries to convince Bernard to stay behind. Jin tries to boss Sun around and then speaks English! Juliet longly watches Jin and Sun. Hurley looks serious.

And then they're off up the beach, the survivors of 815, a caravan of people with enough random no-name characters to fight a mini war. Staying behind, Sayid Jerra, Bernard Nadler, and Jin Kwon.

In the Looking Glass Station, Charlie is being beaten by the two women. He's tied to a chair, bleeding from the mouth. After the punches, the women start asking questions like who he is and where he came from. The blond woman, Bonnie, recognizes him as "one of them," and suggests they call Ben to find out how to proceed.

Ben gets a call on his walkie. For some reason he steps out of his tent and allows Richard and Mikhail to hear his conversation, even though it regards the Looking Glass station, which Mikhail and the Others thought was flooded. Ben tells the girls to hold on, he's sending help, in the form of Mikhail.

Night falls on the Beach Camp. In the bushes nearby, the Others confirm the presence of the white-marked tents and their lack of security. They set off into the camp with their guns raised. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin watch patiently as they enter the tents and begin to examine the fake bodies. The Others shout, "It's a trap!" as Sayid and Bernard pull the trigger and blow up two tents. Others fly into the air like dolls. Jin tries to hit his target but his last-place pistol doesn't want to cooperate. The team notices him in the bushes and returns fire. One of them comes at Jin from the side and takes him prisoner. Bernard, sensing trouble, begins to run only to get stopped short by Mr. Friendly, our favorite bad guy. Sayid, meanwhile, has entered the camp looking for Others to kill, but he's greeted only by Mr. Friendly, with Bernard at gunpoint.

Bearded Jack returns, in a hospital room. A nurse stitches up his wound and tells him the woman he saved is stable. A familiar face shows up, Sarah, Jack's ex-wife and once-patient. She's very pregnant. She asks Jack if he's drinking "again. Jack is defensive, but asks her if he could get a ride. She says no.

Out in the jungle, on top of a hill overlooking the beach, the survivors hear two explosions and some gunshots. Rose and Sun immediately start to freak out and think their husbands are dead. They want to wait for them or go back to check on them. Jack says no and they continue forward.

In the Looking Glass, Charlie is still being interrogated by the two butch women. He starts to impress them with his knowledge. He says he knows what the station is for and that he's here to shut off the jamming signal. The women are surprised, but they play along. They ask him, then, what's the code? Charlie is stumped. Code for what? he asks.

On the beach, Mr. Friendly calls up Ben on his walkie-talkie and informs him of the sad news about their compatriots. They have three prisoners but they won't talk. Ben commands Tom to kill Jin so that the others know they're serious. Bernard stops them and talks. He tells them where the rest of the camp went and that Juliet told them everything. But wait, Ben says, Juliet thought they were coming tomorrow. Bernard continues: A young boy named Karl came up to the beach and warned them. Ben looks disapprovingly at Alex.

We next see Ben drawing lines on a map, from the beach to the Radio Tower. And then from his position to the Radio Tower. He marks a spot where both points meet and circles it. He's heading off. Richard Alpert comes over to him and asks him about all the rumors flying around that the 815 survivors killed everyone on the Beach and they're getting ready to leave the Island. Ben insists that he plans to go to them and to, quote, "talk them out of it." Alex asks to come with him and Ben agrees, saying, "You'll see Karl again!"

On the journey to the radio tower, the survivors stop for rest and water. Kate approaches Sawyer and asks him what's wrong. She says he's been different since he got back from his night with Locke. Sawyer won't elobrate. Then Kate says she wants to head back to the beach to check on Sayid, Bernard, and Jin. Sawyer tells her not to be ridiculous. They have no guns and no way to rescue them. Elsewhere, Noami teaches Jack how to use the sat-phone in case something happens to her.

Above the Locking Glass station, Desmond finally wakes up from his forced nap. He notices Charlie's "Greatest Hits" in his pocket. And suddenly gunshots erupt all over the boat. We flash to Mikhail, on the beach, with a rifle. Desmond dodges a couple shots and then jumps into the water. He follows the cable to the Looking Glass station and comes up into the moonpool. Charlie is astonished. "Des!" he shouts. "Hide!" Desmond complies, but not before Bonnie and Gerta hear something from inside a closed room and come out to investigate. Charlie starts to sing to himself, the classic Drive Shaft diddy, "You Are Everybody!"

Back on the road, Sawyer calls for Jack. A stream of people pass behind him. Sawyer says he's going back to the Beach. Jack, of course, says No. But Sawyer says he's going anyway. Kate says she wants to go too, but Sawyer rejects that idea. Jack reasons that their mission is futile, they have no guns, what are they going to do? Then Juliet chimes in and says she knows where there's a hidden cache of guns. They can stop there on their way to the Beach. So, just like that, Sawyer and Juliet become an unlikely team, but not before Juliet and Jack kiss in a much-discussed moment.

Back in the Looking Glass, Desmond sneaks into a locker while Bonnie and Greta decide to get rid of Charlie for good. They're interrupted by Mikhail who appears in scuba gear. He's surprised to see the women. "I thought you were on assignment in Canada." Mikhail asks them "Where's the other one?" but they insist he's alone. Charlie distracts Mikhail by mentioning that Gerta and Bonnie are jamming communications off the Island. Then, on cue, Ben calls. Mikhail takes the call and challenges Ben why he lied to him and the Others. Ben says a good line, "Everything I did, I did for the Island." He goes on to says the Island is under attack and they must protect it at all costs. That's why he needs Mikhail to kill Charlie. Oh, and while you're at it, Bonnie and Gerta. "They must not tell the others what we've done." Mikhail, without the eyepatch, looks in a way more sympathetic and less mischievous.

Sawyer and Juliet are walking through an overgrown runway when they are called over by Hurley. He wants to come with them. He wants to help. Sawyer, like Charlie last episode, turns him away, rudely. Hugo, sadly, walks away. (but where did he go next??)

The next scene starts with the familiar Lost eye shot. We open on Locke, still alive in the Dharma mass grave. His legs don't work. He's shot and dying in a pit. He sees a nearby weapon and picks it up. He checks that there's bullets in the weapon and then points at himself. He's stopped, though, by a call from above. He looks up. It's Walt. Older, wiser (apparently), Walt tells John that he can't die. He needs to stand up and climb out of that hole. He has work to do.

Off the Island, Big Beard Jack is driving, listening to Nirvana (is this 1994?). He stops and pulls out that piece of newspaper. He looks to his side at a funeral parlor and reluctantly decides to get out of his car. He walks into a room full of chairs, but no people. A coffin is in the front of the room. A man comes out and says that no else has come but Jack. He asks him, "Family or friend?" Jack says, "Neither."

On the Island, Jack has a conversation with Rosseau. She tells him that even if they get rescued, she's staying on the Island. As they're walking, Rosseau stops. Ahead of them, waiting, is Ben and Alex.

In the Looking Glass, Mikhail dons his signature eyepatch and steps out of the room. The girls are excited to kill Chalire, but Mikhail asks them why they're here, if the equipment is safe and would survive even if the station were flooded. Mikhail asks Bonnie why she never questioned Ben's order. Bonnie says she can't disobey orders, otherwise their whole mission "here" would be for nothing. He pulls out his weapon, aims at Charlie, but then shoots Greta, the brunette. She falls, dead. Bonnie starts to run. Mikhail follows her chase with a menacing walk and shoots her in the back. Before Mikhail has a chance to turn around and take care of Charlie, Desmond steps out and shoots Mikhail with a speargun. Bonnie, dying, reaches for a pistol but Desmond stops her. He's about to shoot the pistol, when Charlie shouts, "No! We need her."

Back at tension-city, Jack and Ben stare at each other. Jack approaches but keeps his distance. Ben spots Noami and introduces himself. Jack tells him to shut up and demands to know what he wants. Ben just wants to talk, alone. Jack says No. Ben reminds him he just killed seven of his people, he could spare five minutes.

In a flashback-quicky, Jack is taking a lot of drugs.

Jack and Ben find a romantic spot not far away and sit down for a chat. Ben says that once, not long ago, he made a decision that killed forty people. And that Jack is about to do the same thing. Noami is not who she says she is, says Ben. She represents people who have been looking for this island and will kill everyone on it. Ben tells Jack he has to get the sat-phone and give it to him.

Um.. right. I actually think Ben was telling the truth in this scene, but Jack doesn't listen, of course. When Jack refuses, Ben asks for his walkie, which Jack gives him (huh???). Ben communications with Tom. He commands Tom to murder the three survivors on the beach unless Jack gives him the phone. Jack almost considers, but refuses again. Three gunshots ring out over the radio. Jack, enraged, flies at Ben and beats the shit out of him. Jack then takes him back to the others and tells Rosseau to tie him up.

In the Looking Glass, Charlie has a heart-breaking scene with the woman who just kicked his ass. She tells him the code, it's the opening bars of "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys. The programmer was a musician. Charlie smiles. Fate is with him.

Back on the long road to the Radio Tower, Ben, with his face a bloody mess, gets thrown to the ground. Alex comes over and so does Rosseau. Ben sighs and introduces Alex to.. her mother. Rosseau looks like she might actually have an emotion. It's cute.

On the beach, Tom and Ryan, the two burly Others, regret their "fake" killing of the survivors. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin are behind him. We pan to Juliet and Sawyer in the bushes wondering how they can take them down with no guns. When - suddenly! from out of nowhere! - a van (a Dharma van!) comes crashing through the woods. It's Hurley! Driving his van, a while ago. He runs over Ryan and, in the chaos, Sawyer grabs a gun and chases the others. Sayid, arms bound, manages to kick one of them to the ground and then strangles him with his feet. There's just Tom left. The man surrenders, but Sawyer shoots him anyway and says, "That was for taking the boy off the raft."

Back in "the world," Jack is still drugs. In a previous scene, he was denied at a pharamcy. Now he's stealing tranquilizers from work. He gets interrupted by Pain In the Ass Doctor, who grills him on everything. Jack starts to break down and asks them to go get his father, if Jack's drunker than he is, he'll quit right now. He tells the doctor, "don't you know what I've been through??"

Back in the Island, Jack hears a familiar voice over the walkie he stole from Ben. Hurley says, "Attention Others!" Hurley is pleased to hear Jack. He tells him that he saved everybody. Everybody: Sayid, Bernard, Jin, Juliet, and Sawyer. The crowd goes wild for a minute. Everyone hugging. It's nice.

In the Looking Glass, Charlie and Desmond are also celebrating. They separate to take care of business and Charlie goes into the communications room to shut off the signal. He does so, easily, and a message light appears. Charlie presses the button, and it's Penny! Charlie is overjoyed. He gives her the Survivor 815 sphiel and then mentions Desmond. "Did you say Desmond?" Penny asks. "Is he alright?" "He's brilliant!" Charlie says. Then he asks if she's on the boat. But Penny says, "What boat?" Penny doesn't know anything about Noami. Charlie starts to freak out and then he hears a knock. He looks out a porthole and it's Mikhail! In scuba gear, with a grenade.

Outside the room, Desmond sees Penny on the screen and runs to speak to her, but Charlie closes the hatch as soon as possible. Desmond screams, but Charlie just shakes his head. Outside the station, Mikhail pulls the cord on the grenade and blasts a hole in the side of the Looking Glass station. The room gets flooded and Charlie stands in awe of fate. He turns around and quickly writes something on his hand. He shows it to Desmond. It says, "NOT PENNY'S BOAT." He exchanges a long look with Desmond before drowning. (We'll miss you, Charlie.)

On the Island, Noami hears a friendly twittle from her phone. The light has turned green, the jamming is gone. But when she tries to send a signal, she hears Rosseau's message. Just as they arrive at the Radio Tower.

Inside the small station beside the tower, Rosseau leads a team inside and with a sigh shuts off her message that had been playing for sixteen years. Noami tries to get a signal inside and fails but when she steps outside, she plays with the gadgets, and it works! The phone starts to ring, when, suddenly!, John Locke appears and throws a knife at Noami's back, stabbing and kill her instantly. Jack grabs the phone and Locke pulls a gun. Damn! He's determined to keep everyone on the island. But Jack holds onto the phone as it rings for a very long time. Finally, Locke lowers his weapon.

A person comes on the radio. He asks them about Noami. Jack asks him if they have helicopters and could they find their location. The man enthusiastically shouts, "Hell yeah we can! Sit tight," he says, "We'll be right there."

Bearded Jack returns. He's surrounded by bottles of alcohol. He pulls out his phone and dials a number. He says, "It's me," and that they have to meet. "By the airport," he tells the mysterious stranger, "you know where."

In the next scene, Jack waits in his car until another car quickly speeds up and out comes Kate. Jack shows Kate the newspaper article and asks her why she didn't attend the funeral. Kate is offended. "Why should I?" she says and then says that she has to go, "he" will be waiting. Jack wants to spill his heart out but she's not listening. He says they made a mistake. They were never suppose to leave the Island and they need to go back.

* * *

Wow! Okay, that was pretty damn cool. At first I was very confused, what, this is the future? But i guess it is. The Lost writers took the flashback format and changed it up. Very cool! Very innovative.

The episode was massive in scope and really well executed. I'm not in the camp of people who want "answers." I want to be entertained and not pissed off. I was a little pissed that we spent two hours in pseudo-flashback land and had no idea who we're suppose to be grieving for. And the Hurley/van surprise was a little.. um, easy.

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Blogger kovoor36 said...

i assumed in the beginning of the episode that the flashback was actually in the future, because jacks flashback had him in longer hair and cleanshaven, but the idea of going back?? i have no idea where they are going, but dying to find out!! and who do you think was in the coffin?? michael? locke? sawyer?? ahhhh, til next february!!!! great commentary and recaps this season:)

May 25, 2007 7:06 AM  
Blogger Elad said...

thanks nina! shawn and i really appreciate your devotion to the blog. i've been thinking and digesting the Lost finale quite a bit the last few days. be on the lookout for a post-recap wrap-up! :)

May 29, 2007 11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who was in the coffin you ask? BEN! Because when Jack goes in to the funeral thing, the man asks friend or family. And jack says. "Niether"

July 17, 2007 5:53 PM  

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