Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost to end in 2010 ("no do-over's!!" say Producers)

Big news in the LOST world today, this article in USA Today gives a exact end for the series in 2010, and more importantly, says that the next three seasons will be shorter, at 16 episodes each as opposed to the regular 22.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I usually don't like knowing that a show is ending, I've had too many favorite series canceled before their time, but this is different. After three more seasons, LOST should be just about done with mysteries and knowing a firm end date will help the writers plot out the next seasons. And the fact that they're cutting the length of each season should help trim the fat of so-called "filler" episodes (Hydra, anyone? How bout Hurley's random van?)

It's not so pleasent to think about one of my favorite series ending, but I have renewed hope that whatever future adventures on the Island will be great stuff. Notice, also, the final line of the article hinting big stuff in the coming season finale. Lost has done amazingly well with its surprising and interesting finales in the last two years, let's hope the episode in three weeks delivers.

(Article reference via Lostpedia.)



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