Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top Chef 3

So I checked out Top Chef 3 last night. I kinda felt obligated because (1) it's in Miami and (2) it's on Bravo. And actually, it was pretty good. I say Hung for the win. He was born in Vietnam and he is an Executive Sous Chef at Guy Savoy in Las Vegas.

He seemed to have the most technical skill and knowledge. Sure he was a little cocky but I won't hate on him (yet) for that.

I wasn't a fan of Clay and I thought his elimination was right. But, you know the hard thing about food competition is that the tv viewer can't really judge what the Chef is doing on anything besides how it looks on a plate, the description of the food and the reactions. That is how it differs from shows like Project Runway - because we can see the design and judge how it looks in our own perspective. It's too bad there isn't a tv function to smell or taste the food they are cooking.

Anyone else check it out? What are your thoughts on the chefs?

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