Friday, August 03, 2007

Monthly Rituals

Every month I have certain rituals that I go through. Most important being paying my bills - but at a close 2nd, I check my monthly horoscope at Susan Miller uses the planets and all that other astrology stuff to tell us what we have in store in the month ahead. It is updated the first of every month.

So what's in store for me, Leo, in my birth month of August?

According to Susan, I have been going through a "growing up" phase since July 2005 that is about to come to an end. And now it should feel like I have completed a rite of passage. This month will be my last to make some big decisions and complete my growth. I wonder what's ahead for me?!?!? It has been just about 2 years since I have started my career and it has forced me into this "adult" lifestyle. It still feels pretty strange but I guess it is time to get used to it.

Also, this month will bring more stress related to money, which Susan admits has had a hold on me for awhile (since March 2006). Next month the "financial shocks" might not be over - so I have to continue to stay on top of the money situation. Geez, I really wished this would be over already, but according to Susan, it ain't over yet.

What else is on my astrology hit list? Free Will Astrology, brought to you each week on Wednesday through the Village Voice. You can also check it out weekly directly through Free Will Astrology. I have to admit, this guy Rob Brezsny is a piece of work. His horoscopes often talk about things that you wouldn't normally associate with horoscopes - but hey - it's entertainment and insightful.

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