Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes - Season 2, Episode 1 - Four Months Later...

And We're Back! After a long summer without our immortal friends, the heroes are back and they have multiplied!

We open with Mohinder Suresh's voice over the various flashback and flash-forwards of the many heroes. Then we see he is giving a lecture in Cairo to raise money for his research. A crazed man comes up to him asking for his autograph. Suresh recognizes the man because he had been at 4 lectures already. The man asks Suresh to meet with him for a drink because there is a job for Suresh. Suresh says he has been down that road before but decides to go anyway.

And then suddenly we are transported to Honduras (we are getting even more international!) to a man and woman running from a car. Looks like we have 2 new heroes on our hands. But they are wanted for MURDER and are trying to get the United States to find "the doctor" that can help them. What could be wrong with them?

Next we are taken to Claire and Noah, who have moved to Costa Verde, California. Claire is starting a new school and is taking on the new last name of Butler. Claire is told to stay under the radar and to be as un-extrodinary as possible. And then we get our first car plug - daddy gives Claire a new Nissan Rogue. And then she almost gets hit walking over to school by someone we will learn more about later.

Boom! Hiro drops from the sky, just as we remembered him from the end of last season. He is in 1671 Japan and about to be hit by arrows when his superpowers shield him. Takezo Kensei is in the distance and Hiro decides to save him from the attackers.

Back in NY, we see Matt Parker in a bullet proof vest shooting people. Turns out he is in a test to become a NYPD Police Officer. He uses his powers to read the mind of the people who he is about to kill and passes the test with flying colors. They award him a badge.

Claire is in school checking out her cheerleading classmates. The boy who almost ran her over in the parking lot sits next to her. They flirt! He asks if she is a "robot or an alien"? Claire doesn't know the answer but is just trying to keep to herself. The teacher asks about a quote regarding evolution and nobody in the class knows the name of the person who said it. Claire writes down "Charles Darwin" on a paper and the teacher, disappointed in the class for being so dumb, tells the answer. The new boy-toy, named West, sees this and assumes Claire is a "robot" because she doesn't want the class to know she is smart. He just has her all figured out!

Back to Honduras, the two runners, Maya and Alejandro Herrera, meet up with a shady guy who will drive them to a point 600 miles from the border of America. They pay up a lot of money and the driver insists Maya sit up front with him. She refuses and they get in the car anyway.

So it looks like Matt has taken Molly under his wing. He is now divorced and recovering from some serious bullet wounds. Molly is in school and Matt comes to pick her up. Her teacher pulls him over and expresses concern for Molly because she has fallen asleep in class (who hasn't?). She shows him pictures that she draws of scary eyes and that weird squigle symbol. Matt says he knows she has nightmares but she is an imaginative child and he can't stop that. The teacher worries that Matt isn't the right parental figure for Molly. He insists they are fine.

Back at the scene where the "bomb" occurred at the end of last season, Ando and Hiro's father sit and wait for Hiro to return. It has apparently been a long time and they are still expecting him to show up in that very spot. Ando goes to get a newspaper from Kaito Nakamura's office and a picture falls out. From this picture Mr. Nakamura knows he is about to die.

Angela Petrelli is in a dark room looking at a picture of her sons. A drunk and bearded Nathan walks in looking very homeless. His wife and kids left him and he is punishing himself for what happened to Peter. Angela asks Nathan to get it together and move on with his life but he only sees Angela as evil and dismisses her. As she leaves the apartment she sees a picture of herself just like the one Kaito saw in the previous scene. The two pictures seem to be torn apart from one single picture.
Hiro is still in Japan and he transports TK to safety. But, then it turns out to be some other guy dressed as TK. That guy escapes and TK comes out from hiding. TK takes off his mask to reveal he is a white boy from England! TK reveals himself to be a dirty trickster who is just out to make money. Hiro is disappointed in the man who fueled all his hero fantasies. He tries to convince TK to change his ways and save the town of Otsu and take the town's swordmaker's daughter as his princess. TK could care less while he drinks down some alcohol. The down of Otsu denounces TK as their village burns down.

In California, Noah is working a dead end job at a copy center. His boss is a prick.

Suresh meets with "Bob" and Bob reveals he has the midas touch (he can turn anything to GOOOOLLLLDDD). He can give Suresh as much money as he needs to do his research as long as Suresh does the job they need. Suresh agrees and later calls Noah and says their plan is working. Suresh is trying to get into this company so they can bring it down.

Matt and Molly eat pizza for dinner and Matt confronts her about the pictures she is drawing. She gets angry at him and refuses to discuss it. He lets it go and she leaves the room. Later he finds Molly having those crazy nightmares. He tries to read her mind and she is very frightened. There is a voice telling Molly he can see her. Matt wakes up Molly and she cries in his arms.

Back in a very dark Honduras (maybe?), Maya and Alejandro are asked to get out of the car. The shady driver wants more money and for Maya to sit in the front of the car. After they refuse they beat up Alejandro and drive away with Maya.

Claire tries to adjust to her new school but is distracted by the cheerleaders. Her partner in a game of badminton is teased by the cheerleaders. They tell her to do a backflip from the tower and Claire asks them to leave her partner alone. Claire then says she will do the backflip so they leave her partner alone. She climbs the tower and as the crowd gathers around, Claire realizes she is calling attention to herself and chickens out. When the crowd leaves she does it and hurts her leg. Her healing powers quickly come in and help her. And then West walks in and sees her and realizes she did the jump.

A very smug Noah is taking a coffee break at work. His jerky boss comes in and insists he goes back to work. Noah flips the guy over and tells him he will take his breaks when he wants to. A nervous boss walks out the room and Noah finishes his coffee.

Kaito and Ando sit on top of the Deveaux building. Ando leaves to get Kaito a sword so he can fight off who is about to kill him. Angela then shows up and they wonder who is going to kill them. Kaito reveals that along with Charles Deveaux, Mr. Linderman, and Mr. Petrelli, he and Angela were part of a group of twelve people that tried to find evolved humans. Kaito warns Angela to leave town.

At the "Butler" household, the family eats dinner together and we see that mom and son are safe with the family. None of the family members have anything to say about their days and are putting up the front that they are being "normal".

Alejandro is seen running and finds the car that Maya was in. There are people dead all around the car and he finds Maya crying. She apparently has some power that can kill people. They take the bodies to go bury them and continue their travel to the US.

A lonely Claire calls Nathan and he doesn't want to speak to her. He is drunk at a bar and she is just reaching out for some type of connection to someone like her. He hangs up on her and looks into a mirror and sees himself with a burned version of Peter's face. After a double take the burned face is gone.

Then outside of Claire's window we see a stalker-ish West. But then it is revealed - he can fly!

Kaito is waiting for Ando to return and a man appears. Kaito recognizes him and is surprised it was this person. Kaito is pushed over the edge and then Ando appears and sees Kaito's body on the ground many floors below.

In the final scene, three thieving men are in an Irish shipping yard looking for a certain crate. When they open up the crate they find a man in the corner with no shirt on and handcuffed to the side of the crate. It is Peter! The men threaten him and Peter protects himself with his powers. He doesn't remember who he is or where the contents of the container went. He is wearing the helix symbol around his neck.

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So what did you think of the episode? How are Peter and Nathan alive??? Who is in Molly's dream? Who killed Kaito? Is Angela next? Will Hiro convince TK to change his ways? What is up with the 2 new characters? Will Jessica/Nikki be back?

Until next week!!!

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Blogger happy roy said...

just two things i wanted to mention:

1) when ando first appears, he's walking towards hiro's dad. he bumps in the scruffy, heavily bearded nathan in the crowd. (did nathan somehow put the picture of kaito in the paper? i doubt it, but why else have him bump into ando?)

2) hiro didn't save kenzei from the battle. he saved some guy who kenzei paid to pretend to be him.

i'm very curious about what these honduran characters are up to! they think that dr. suresh can help them but since he's dead, will mohinder be able to help?

oh and the guy who approached suresh in the beginning...was he in last season at all? he's one of those very recognizable actors who seems to be in a ton of movies, but i can't tell if i'm getting confused by having seen him elsewhere or if he's been on heroes before.

September 25, 2007 1:04 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Good catch with Nathan!!! I didn't even see that.

i don't remember "Bob" either but he did look very familiar.

And the hondurans are looking for Suresh in NY but Suresh is in Cairo. They will probably link up with Matt somehow.

September 25, 2007 1:26 PM  
Blogger tommy park said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

September 25, 2007 1:41 PM  

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