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Project Runway Recap - Reunion Special

Reunion Specials before a show has even finished is something very unique to reality TV shows. Mostly we get to see clips that weren't included in the actual episodes that actually shed light on what was really going on before the editors cut up the scenes completely.

I know that last night's reunion was not only interesting but also HILARIOUS. So many moments that we have never seen that were making me cry from laughing so hard. Some of the best of laughs were when they showed Santino doing his impressions of Tim Gunn and also when the boys were singing "Daniel Franco, where have you gone?" I think someone was in their High School Musical Theater Club!


So the Reunion starts with the losers coming into a bar in order of elimination and then the sipping of some booze. Loosen up Project Runway outcasts, its gonna be a fun night!

We find out Kristen (the one who wouldn't harm her Napoleon scarf) is pregnant - and hmmm looks like she wants her baby to share in on the Project Runway drinking fun (see picture above).

We also find out that Kara is engaged - well she doesn't actually say it - she just walks in and flashes us a little bling bling on her ring finger - and that John (aka Star Jones) isn't fat anymore. Congrats to both of them!

And we also find out Lupe likes to drink.

And then we meet up with Tim Gunn and Heidi for the question and clips portion of the evening.

First we catch up - so and so is getting offers to design stuff - really interesting (where is the snooze button?) - highlight - Heidi says that the Barbie Dolls went like bagels (Tim Gunn corrects her...hotcakes)

(Heidi responds - What do you want from me? I'm from Germany!)

Ok getting bored, where is the drama?

Oh wait here come the finalists! Here comes Santino to bring the drama!

So first thing to get out of the way - Santino why are you a jerk?

His response - I'm not a jerk!

The other cast members and some clips put him in his place.

Then he is like oh its just like a football game (does that mean they smack each other in the butts when they do a good job?) - I just talk shit for intimidation. (More evil eyes shoot at Santino)

Santino now reacts with - I am not sorry for what I said, I'm not sorry for what it looks like, but I am sorry that you are bunch of wimps and can't take a joke and that you reacted like little babies! Now can I eat your soul?

(your soul looks yummy)

(Diana begs, please don't eat my soul! The octopus around my neck will save me!)

Let's move on before we all end up in hell. Go to sweet innocent Chloe - (and now to add fire to the fuel) they ask if Chloe was pissed that everyone wanted her to be out on the last challenge.

She is like damn I'm not playing these games anymore with you. It sucked and whatever I got passion - and y'all ain't ready for me (oh wait that's K-fed) - so let's move on.

And we did move on...we look back at the designers giving lip to the judges. In your face Nina Garcia! Oh, what? Nina thought she was going to be eaten by Santino? That makes 2 of us.

Question from a Runway lover for Lupe (drunky drunk) - Did you feel that your elimination was fair, even though Marla had plagiarized a dress Nicky Hilton had worn before?

Lupe's response: "Honestly, I can only give him a personal critique. Nobody would ever know, unless they personally responded to me, would know what my personal response is. And that is of me. And personally, I believe you can't, like, push the boundaries, and like Johnny Cash, walk the line, and--"

Everyone gives blank stares. Tim asks the question again (this time very slowly)

Lupe's response: "Understand that Marla has an aesthetic that I cannot duplicate. But Marla has an aesthetic that she cannot duplicate. And Arianne, on national television, if you can get this, you fucking rock because you believe in what is true. Period."

Ok she is drunk. We are confused. Tim says this is bullshit. Let's move on.

Now we get some lovable moments from Andrae...

Remember the crying fit after the "Clothes Off Your Back" Challenge? Well that lasted about a minute during the episode. It lasted almost 10 minutes in real life! I was cracking up because of his extremes! And 3/4ths into his crying speech he says "Where do I begin?" and then just keeps on crying! THIS IS JUST CLOTHES...but it's my life! Oh Andrae!

(see the tears in Nick's eyes? that is Andrae love!)

Ok all around love for Andrae in the room. A few tears and some more Andrae facial expressions, a recap of his movements and finally...WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHIFFON? Which we now find out might have been charmuse!

Now it's time for a new cast member to be introduced - one we never met but was there all along.

SHETANGY! Go Girl! Zulema's alter ego - or bitch side - which "tells it how it is!" Oh, I'm not that bad, says Zulema! Yea right, tell that to Kara when she had to cry and cut!

And while we are talking about Zulema drama - what about the MOTHER FUCKING WALK OFF?

So Nick, being as nice as possible, talks about how hurt he was when he lost Tarah to Zulema. He asks, why would you do that?

Zulema said it was her right to change models - and it isn't her fault her model was a walking marshmallow gumby...

Ooooh Rachel (the model) won't take this kind of put down from Zulema. She comes back and tells Zulema that if you are gonna try and be all that then maybe you should have brought it with a bangin' outfit! That's right the model put Zulema in her place!

Ok maybe not exactly - but we move on and see how the designers all talked shit about each other. Oh you thought it was just Santino?

Looks like everyone is talking shit about Emmett - and he had no idea! ooooh sucka!

Ooh things got tense there for a moment - let's break the tension with clips of the Singing Boys Club - LIGHTEN UP IT'S JUST FASHION! Oh I feel so much better now!

Now another Runway lover question - for Heidi Klum - Why did the judges score Santino's lingerie better than Daniel Franco's?

What they really want to know is how much money (or drugs) did Santino slip you so he wouldn't get cut after putting Santa's helpers on stage? Heidi says it was though but Daniel F. played it safe while Santino didn't. Is that all it takes?

Oh and a great clip of Daniel F. telling off Santino on the runway - why didn't we see this during the episode?

And now another awkward moment...this time brought to you by Daniel Franco, when he confesses his love for Heidi.

"Heidi, I love you." HUH? Why did he just say that? Nobody knows. Let's move on.

And now the final 3 leave, and everyone talks about who should be the winner of Project Runway. It seems Daniel V. is an overall top choice. No surprise.

Hey Daniel! Lighten up, it's just fashion!



Blogger Tbone said...

Shawn - your designer reaction screen caps are outstanding! How else to respond to loopy Lupe's drunken spiel than with utter bewilderment. Great job!

February 26, 2006 2:01 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate that you took the time to read my recap :) LUPE IS LOOOOPY!

February 26, 2006 6:33 PM  

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