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Project Runway Season 3 - Episode One - Home Sewn - Recap

Oh Project Runway, I missed you so much!!! Thank you for coming back early for Season 3. Thank you for Tim Gunn! Thank you for Heidi! Thank you for Nina Garcia (said in Heidi's voice)! And Thank you for a super tan Michael Kors!

Before the new episode we were able to catch up with successful designers from prior seasons (I would like an episode entitled "Where do Project Runway losers go?") and get a sneak peak at the new designers and the process that Tim Gunn and the producers went through to cast them. A bit uneventful, just helped build the hype!

Highlights of "Road to Runway" include:
• Santino talking about Santino while wearing a Santino shirt (is that meta or what?)
• Freaks on parade (aka casting call)
• Daniel Vosovik (I really missed saying his name!), Kara Saun, Wendy Pepper (busy designers), Austin Scarlett (who is designing wedding gowns for guest judge who hated his wedding dress design on the show), Jay McCarroll looking super emo and fighting for the rights of the people (that's right – screw Banana Republic and their slave labor!)
• A gushing Michael Kors looking at portfolios as if he was going to eat one of them for dinner!
• A cutesy Heidi bringing on her German flavor
• Tim Gunn and his "make it work" catch phrases
• We heard Nick Verros say "wickety wack!"

Finally – onto the new season!

The cast members gather at Atlas and go to the rooftop for their champagne toast – and no sooner than Heidi can exaggerate her love for the cast – they are sent on their first challenge!

They are told to go back to the apartment – use anything they can find in the apartment (that they didn't bring with them) – and make an outfit that reflects their designing style!

The cast has 15 minutes – and I swear Hurricane Katrina did less damage in the hours of that storm than what these cast members were able to do in 15 minutes! My favorite part is that these designers have no clue that after getting all of these materials together, and spending hours designing an outfit, they are coming back to the apartment the exact way they left it!! Good luck sleeping on those springs where your mattress used to be!

Rather than get into all the details of the episode – let's go straight to the cast and runway. The guest judge was Kate Spade (good start to the new season!) and of course the regulars were there ready to judge!

The Winner:

Keith Michael (34, NY, NY). I once heard you should never trust someone who has a first name as both their first and last name. I don't know why I was told that and I have no clue if it really means anything, but it was the first thing I thought when I saw Keith. Keith designs only menswear. He made sure to tell us that many times. Ok here is a big pat on the back for winning based on your first ever woman's wear design. You fooled the judges somehow and used the simplest material in the house. You were lucky. Count your blessings.

Update: Is Keith Michael a Copycat?

You are Out:

Stacey Estrella (40, San Francisco, CA). I didn't think she had the worst outfit, but the fact that she doesn't know how to use an industrial sewing machine was enough for me to want her out. She has some fancy schmancy Harvard MBA – and some other degrees to back that up as well. I am sure she has a nice life of behind the desk work ahead of her.

You should have been Out:

Vincent Libretti (49, Santa Monica, CA). What were you thinking with that hat? And then you have the audacity to tell Kate Spade that you questioned putting the hat on her after you were dancing around the workroom after you made the hat like you are a little kid about to get a bowl of ice cream? You are outdated and kinda nuts. Somehow you will get by on a few more episodes – but another hat like that and that 401K that you cashed in will be paying for years of forced therapy!

You are Safe:

Is your name Bradley or Brandon Baumkirch (32, LA, CA)? Either way, you didn't stand out enough for Bravo's web designers to remember your name! You haven't done anything that has made me remember you – and your outfit was too literal.

Bonnie Dominguez (31, San Diego, CA). Another person I don't remember anything about. Oh yea, the top of the dress didn't fit. You could fit my boobs in that dress! (And that says a lot). Step it up girl or you will be out!

Alison Kelly (25, Brooklyn, NY). Why don't you sound Swedish? Your dress was ok – but it was another one hiding in the crowd. I like you because you are 25 from Brooklyn. Right now that is all you have going for you.

Angela Keslar (33, Amesville, OH). I like the mid-western, living on a farm part. I don't like the way you said "Yves Saint Laurent" during the Road to Runway episode. Sorry, but you aren't Yves Saint Laurant. But that doesn't mean you aren't good. You are actually very original and interesting, in a simple package. I really loved your runway outfit and I loved your use of fake flowers as an accessory. You were a top pick for me and I am keeping you on my hot list.

Uli (Ulrike) Herzner (35, Miami Beach, FL). HAAAY MIAMI! That is enough for me to like you! You look like some crazy Israelis that I know – even though you are German. Your outfit was great – you deserved to be a top pick! I can't wait to see what's next!

Michael Knight (28, Atlanta, GA). Can we say "diversity?" I don't mean to imply that he was only picked because he "diversifies" the group – but I have seen outfits from his portfolio on Washington Ave. – his taste is definitely questionable. Although – nice idea going with coffee filters. The outfit was cute – I can't wait to see what you do with real fabrics (and that doesn't include pleather).

Robert Best (37, Los Angeles, CA). He was a Barbie clothing designer – how cool is that? I like him already! The dress was very cute – and I wish we could get a picture of the back because he really made the outfit interesting from all angles. I'll be watching you!

Laura Bennett (42, New York, NY). Ok let's first get over the fact that you are an architect and have like 20 kids (ok maybe only 5) and refuse to "dress down." Ok all that aside – you are actually really talented! This coat was awesome! You have great taste and I hope you keep it up!

Malan Breton (33, Long Island City, NY). You aren't from England. That accent is fake. It is so transparent. Your smile is fake, too. You are a nasty wannabe – but damn you can design! I am sure I will grow to hate you – and somehow you will make it to fashion week – which will make me hate you more.

Katherine Gerdes (25, Minneapolis, MN). You are cute. You remind me of Diana Eng from last season because you are young and bright eyed. I don't know if you will cut it on project runway – but I look forward to seeing you come out of your shell.

Kayne Gillaspie (27, Norman, OK). He designs dresses for beauty pageants!!! Can we say Sequins and Boobs? That aside – his outfit was beautiful and didn't invoke any thoughts of Miss Tennessee. So far I like him – hope to see more good things!

Jeffrey Sebelia (36, Los Angeles, CA). Say hello to this season's Santino. Except Santino won the first challenge on his season (rather than almost getting the boot). Jeffrey started the season by judging everyone and gushing over how wonderful he is. Sure he is all tattoos and Rock and Roll – but way too LA and full of himself. Maybe now that he has fallen on his ass on the first episode he will tone it down and start showing us what he got.

So the front runners for me are: Angela Keslar, Uli Herzner, Robert Best and Laura Bennett. None have hit #1 for me yet…but so far I like where this season is going!



Blogger happy roy said...

first off -- just noticed that i've been upgraded to bar taking law student. yay! hopefully in 4 months, there were be 2 lawyers!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. i can't believe i didn't watch the first season! my impressions:

i really wanted robert to win b/c i thought he made better use of materials and still came out with something very well tailored and cute. keith's outfit was nice but how hard is it to take a sheet and make something with it?

bonnie's outfit -- although it was ill-fitting on top, i really liked the look of it. i can't wait to see more from her.

malan -- he made it a point to say he was from taiwan a few times. so i can see why he has a strangely british accent...except i'd expect that more from someone from singapore. anyway his outfit was really different and lovely, so i'll disregard his pretentious attitude.

jeffrey -- he was the real loser in my mind. stacey might have not been able to use an industrial sewing machine, but i liked the ethereal nature of her dress (ok maybe not the boy shorts tho).

michael -- i liked his dress until i heard that his portfolio contained his attempts at last season's challenges or something. (i didn't see the casting special). the dress really reminded me of chloe's leaf dress.

July 13, 2006 4:04 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

oooooooh i totally agree about michael's dress looking like chloe's leaf dress - i thought the same exact thing when i saw it on TV!!

and what about malan saying that he wished they wouldn't use materials from the apartment and instead use better fabrics???

and yes...i hope soon to change 1 lawyer to 2!!!

July 13, 2006 5:09 PM  
Anonymous Maria Palma said...

I missed the first show (shame on me, huh?), but thank you for the fun and witty recap here!

Looking at the pictures here of the designers, I think it looks like a pretty interesting bunch.

Look forward to your next review ;)

July 13, 2006 8:56 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Glad you liked the know bravo repeats shows a million times so I am sure you can catch it over the weekend!

July 14, 2006 8:42 AM  
Blogger The Scarlett said...

Nice recap! Those of us at BPR enjoyed. Nice use of images and great summary of their efforts. One thing ... fix YSL link (that kind of thing happens to me, too) and you're golden!

July 15, 2006 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Dray said...

I love Malan and think he will be very entertaining. Wether he is fake or not...he is very cool, listen to his voice over work on his web site, you will be surprized.

July 15, 2006 5:12 PM  
Blogger Hephaestion said...

I'm in love with Robert Best. He is just so adorable I wanna eat 'im up!

I loved Uli's clothes, too.

Lots of bloggers are implying that Keith Michael was conceited, but I didn't see that at ALL. I found him to be very modest and humble when he won. Endearingly so.

July 15, 2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger happy roy said...

oh yeah shawn, i forgot to mention. you know my last name is a "first name." were you implying that am i untrustworthy too? ;)

July 16, 2006 12:03 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

I think it only applies to men's names. Also, in my defense - I really have no clue what it is is just something I heard once - can't remember who said it or why they said it....

I wouldn't imply such a thing about you wonderful julie! (or your father or brother....or other men in your family)

July 16, 2006 9:47 AM  

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