Friday, October 20, 2006

The Office - Season 3 - Episode 5 - The Initiation

This week we got 3 different storylines....

First - The Initiation

Ryan "the temp" wants to learn how to be a salesman and Dwight has agreed to teach him the way. But of course Dwight wants to first initiate Ryan - he takes him out to the Beet Farm and makes him plant a beet seed. Suddenly he abandons Ryan in the middle of the farm. Ryan gets pissed and walks over to a shed where he finds Dwight hiding. There are more challenges there for Ryan - including questions about Lost and Robert Mifflin. Dwight starts talking about "fear" because Michael isn't afraid of anything (besides snakes) and Ryan is challenged to fight Dwight's cousin. Ryan had enough of the games and walks out. Dwight admits he just wants to be friends with Ryan and finally divulges the secrets of sales - which they try out and fail. They end the day by throwing eggs at the building that rejected Ryan's sales pitch and by taking down an Irish Car Bomb (or was it a Sake Bomb?).

"Temp Temp Temp - Ryan Ryan Ryan"

Second - The Pretzel Line

Jan, annoyed with Michael, asks Pam to start keeping a list of everything Michael does all day. Too bad for Michael, it is Pretzel day - where you can get a free pretzel with all the toppings. Pam's list goes something like this: "Michael does Bill Cosby impression" and "Michael stands in line for pretzel." Michael's pretzel had the works which causes him to get very hyper and start spitting out orders all over the office. And quickly thereafter he crashes and falls asleep on his desk until it is time to go home.

"364 days to the next pretzel day..."

Third - The Squeaky Chair

More flirting between Jim and his new coworker Karen. She has a squeaky chair because Jim switched his with hers. There is this back and forth flirtation all day.

"Love me, Love me...say that you love me!"

Jim ends up calling Scranton office and gets Pam on the phone (which isn't normal because it was so late - but she stayed late because she had to watch what Michael was doing). They talk for awhile about movies and other cute Jim and Pam stuff. And the phone call gets confused by Pam saying "bye" to Ryan when he left the office. Jim thinks she ended the conversation and that was the end of their reunion. Let's hope there is more of that soon!!!

And Dwight's blog is active again...this week it is full of beets!



Blogger happy roy said...

i've just started watching the office a few weeks ago and i have to say that i love the show!

October 20, 2006 1:28 PM  

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