Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Miami Art Basel

Art Basel is a great time in Miami Beach where people step away from the suntan lotion and hang around under artificial lighting (not for tanning purposes) and take in CULTURE! This is a rare moment that rarely happens in Miami - and so take it in while you can!

Art galleries from around the world exhibit art works to stimulate all the senses. Many galleries bring video installations, paintings, photography, sculptures - and one last year even brought a taste exhibit (have you ever tasted an emotion or feeling?)

This year Art Basel lasts from December 7 through the 10th at the Miami Beach Convention Center (which I think is part of the Jackie Gleason Theater) - which is located one block north of Lincoln Road and just west of Washington Avenue.

And according to Critical Miami the fun doesn't stop there. There are events starting before Art Basel at some museums and art fairs all around Miami.

So, Miami here is your chance - take in all the culture you can before it is gone!


Check out this article from Boing Boing about an Art Store at Art Basel that will sell items at all price ranges from many different artists...hello shopping!!!



Blogger Elad said...

Last year was incredible. it was too much to take in one trip. REALLY looking forward to this year.

November 28, 2006 7:22 PM  

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