Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tina Fey Keeping It Real

Every single day Cityrag has the BEST posts about celebs, NY, their dog Buddy, and everything else we love about the internet. And today they did not fail to entertain...

Tina Fey was on Howard Stern this morning and Cityrag reports some of Tina's great comments about Paris Hilton.

On the Howard Stern Show, Tina said that Paris had a cheap weave that left hair all over the set, she had man hands as long as Tina's forearm, that Paris takes herself seriously and embraces her stupid act, that Paris wanted to play Jessica Simpson in a skit because she hates Jessica and thinks she is fat, and that Paris was only interested in herself. There was a bet to see how long it would take for Paris to ask a personal question to anyone in the cast (she only asked one, what was Maya Rudolph's nationality?)

Check out more from Cityrag and Howard

And...have you all been watching 30 Rock? I totally love that show! It is a new favorite. Make sure to check out the NEW Thursday night lineup - My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock! (I think tonight Scrubs isn't on and the other 3 shows are "supersized")

I hear that on the Office tonight Dwight and Michael are going to do a "Lazy Sunday" parody called "Lazy Scranton" --- oh I can't wait!!!!

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