Friday, November 10, 2006

The Office - Season 3 - Episode 7 - Branch Closing

Unlike LOST, we actually can look forward to more episodes in the next few months of The Office. That makes me very happy so let's get to the recapping...

Karen finds Jim faxing at an early hour of the morning. Jim tells her that it would be hard for him to explain what the faxing is about. We then find out he stole some of Dwight's stationary and send faxes to Dwight every so often that are from "Future Dwight" - today's fax said that someone poisoned the coffee and when Dwight reads it he runs after to Stanley to stop him from drinking the coffee.

Then we get to the big drama of this episode. Jan tells Michael that they are closing the Scranton branch. Everyone can see Michael getting emotional and after the meeting Michael whispers hints under his breath that the branch will close. Dwight knows something is up. He says he can read Michael like a book. And that book is named "Something Weird is Going On: What Did Jan Say? The Michael Scott Story by Michael Scott with Dwight Schrute".

Michael breaks the news and there is a mixed reaction. Stanley is happy because he wants to retire. Kelly overdramatized the whole thing and says she will die like Juliet (from the Claire Danes version) if her Romeo (Ryan) could not continue working with her. Ryan is of course happy and breaks up with Kelly saying it just wouldn't make sense for them to keep dating if they aren't working together. Pam says it is a blessing in disguise. Angela blames everyone.

Michael vows to save the branch and takes Dwight with him. They are going to go to NYC to see the CFO but he isn't there. Dwight has his home address (for Christmas cards) and they go to the CFO's house to try and change his mind.

At Stamford, Jan informs Josh that he is going to become the head of "Dunder-Mifflin Northeast" and be bringing in some Scranton employees. Josh tells her he can't because he just accepted a job from Staples. Now the whole situation reverses and Stamford is closing, Jan offers Jim a "2nd in charge" position at Scranton and a few Stamford people are moving to Scranton. Scranton is saved.

Jim is very hesitant to accept the position because of his history with Pam. Pam gets wind of the changes and she is nervous as well about Jim coming back. Jim's coworker, Karen, says she may take the job at Scranton. Jim first says she is nuts because NYC is so close. But we all know she is going to Scranton because she likes Jim and wants to follow him there. At the end Jim says he is going to take the job at Scranton and tells Karen she should go to Scranton and that makes her very happy.

Back at Scranton everyone is happy to have kept their job, except Stanley who wishes he could have retired. They try to call Michael to tell him but his phone keeps on ringing and he doesn't answer it. (I love that Michael's cell phone ring "My Humps" from the Black Eyed Peas). Michael and Dwight find out after they finally give up on waiting for the CFO to get home and they check Dwight's voice mail. They think they somehow saved the branch, but they don't know how.
So the branch is saved, a new love triangle is on the horizon - and everyone is back together at Scranton!

(Pictures from Life in the Office)



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