Thursday, December 07, 2006

The 89 Most Redundant Repetitive Cliches in Music

AOL has put together a great list of 89 Cliches (because 100 would be cliche) in Music that are so overplayed that you know you have done some of them yourself!!!!

Some of the greats:

82. Rock Dudes Throwing Up Hand Signs

76. Imitating Beatles Album Covers

74. The Marching Band

73. Long-Ass Emo Song Titles

71. The Soaring Cliff Shot

67. The Disney Connection

63. Artists That R 2 Cool 2 Spell Out Words 4 U

56. Songs About Dances

52. Suicide

46. Songs by Untalented Kids of Talented Rock-Stars

48. "What I Really Want to Do Is Sing!" (see Paris, Lindsey Lohan, Jared Leto)

42. Having a TV Has-Been in Your Video

41. The On-the-Road Montage

39. The Fish-Eye-Lens Effect

35. Artists Covering the Same Damn Songs as Everyone Else

28. The Diva Wave

30. Songs About Breathing

29. The Guitar Smash

25. The Supergroup

22. The "I'm Just Like You, But Rich" Song

14. The "You're Ugly, But It's OK" Song

9. Dissing Bush

8. The Rain Sequence

7. Rehab

6. Bum Rushing the Show

5. Working with Timbaland

4. Dating a Stripper/Porn Star

3. Lighters

2. Beef

1. Yelling 'Freebird'



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