Thursday, December 07, 2006

Always Hits The Spot

So many weekends I want to just sit around my living room watching cheesy romantic comedies and eat popcorn and ice cream in my PJs.

But it seems that romantic comedies aren't as good today as they have been in the past. Lately I think I am about to see a romantic comedy (or something at least kinda funny) I end up seeing a movie that just isn't funny or is about people who hate each other or death or something equally uncomfortable (see: The Break Up, Friends With Money, Shopgirl, The Family Stone)

Reel Fanatic has put together THE list of romantic comedies that is sure to warm your heart and make you laugh. I agree with each movie on the list and I agree with a comment on that post that says "When Harry Met Sally" should be added to that list. That is a definite classic romantic comedy.

And there are so many movies that I could add to my favorite romantic comedies - so many Julia Robert's movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Shakespeare in Love, a bunch of random brat pack 1980's movies, and although it isn't so much a comedy, it still has the romance - Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind. This list can go on forever...


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