Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Computer Generated Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and there are those of you who may want to express your love for another person in a poem but don't know how to write one...

Well the internet has come to your rescue!!! Check out the Poem Generator

You type in the name of your love and then you select lines from a list of possibilities....

Here is the poem the computer made for Elad

You are always on my mind
I have never met anybody of your kind
Elad, my dear sweetheart
You are at the top of my chart

Meeting you was like winning the grand prize
It immediately clicked, to our surprise
I am not sure you will like my poem
Know at least that my love for you is set in stone

We met each other, some time ago
Read about my feelings in the lines following below
You are my sweetheart day by day
Without you my life goes astray

All of you is what I need
Together, we will succeed
I look forward to our next moment together
With you, life cannot become any better

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