Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Jet Blue Delay

News broke last week that passengers on Jet Blue flights were subjected to 10 hour delays inside the plane, while on the runway. Passengers were forced to wait for many hours due to bad weather and an unavailability of open gates. Some have taken to the internet to air their frustrations.

Jet Blue is now doing some major work to make up for its mistakes. First, it has issued a sincere apology via email to all customers who have ever taken Jet Blue. No excuses were given (however they did give reasons why certain things did occur). When it came down to it, they took the blame and issued a straight out apology for screwing up.

"Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the anxiety, frustration and inconvenience that we caused. This is especially saddening because JetBlue was founded on the promise of bringing humanity back to air travel and making the experience of flying happier and easier for everyone who chooses to fly with us. We know we failed to deliver on this promise last week."

Next - Jet Blue issued the "Customer Bill of Rights" which promises to give reimbursements for delays in arrival and departures. Additionally, when an overbooking occurs and a passenger is "bumped" from the plane, they will get $1000.00. JetBlue also promises to keep the passenger informed and refund trips that are cancelled at less than a 12 hour notice.

So, is this enough? What else can they do?

Personally, I have taken Jet Blue many times and was fully satisfied with each trip. I love the TV's, the crew was always nice, the seats comfortable and the website is easy to use. It is kinda sad that such a good airline is getting a hard hit for this screw up. True, it is a really BIG screw up, but still I think they deserve a second chance.

And listen up other airlines. You should start following suit and keep your passengers informed and reimburse for excessive delays. I have been delayed for many hours on many occasions by other airlines and not once did I get a non-excuse apology or offer of credit or refund. It was always some "it's out of our hands" excuse and please take your seat and wait response. The airline industry needs some major changes - especially considering how much we spend to sit on those planes.



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