Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Are You Hot Enough?

Online Dating. Hate it or love it, it sets up dates for thousands of hopeful people.

But some people complain they can't find what they are looking for through online dating sites. Personalities don't match profiles. There are lies to make the dater look better. They aren't outgoing enough....They aren't HOT enough?

Yes. The superficial daters aren't looking for a description of the food you like or your religious background - they just want to know if you are hot enough!

And now an online dating site caters directly to that sentiment - Hot

You submit your picture (actually, 3 pictures and one must be full body shot) and people vote on whether you are hot enough to join the exclusive club of online daters on this site.

You are only allowed to date if you score at least an 8.

At this point only about 25% are making it onto the site. But just because you think you are an 8 doesn't mean the public does...

Among those who didn't make the cut was Jeanette Ponder, a 28-year-old Internet blogger from East Orange who considered herself an 8 or 9. She said she applied because she thought it would make a good story.

"I got rated at like 5.7," she said. "When you put yourself out there in any situation, even if it's one which you're not taking seriously, it's going to sting."

But she also reasoned: "You cannot make a relationship by being arm candy."

So can it work? I know that often a picture can deceive and people are way hotter when under the right light than they are in person...but hey, if this site is helping people find love (or at least lust) then why not?

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