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Heroes - Season 1, Episode 22 - Landslide

OK, first I must apologize to the readers. Really, I should be getting you these recaps much faster. I have only myself to blame (oh, and work).

But don't think that my lack of blogging means a lack of interest. It is exactly the opposite! The season finale is almost here and there is so much excitement as to how it will all go BOOM!

So now I will put all the excuses aside and get to the recapping!

Was Claire able to stop Peter from getting overwhelmed with his new-found power a la Ted?

She didn't have to. Peter was able to stop himself from blowing up and thus controlled his fire hands.

But immediately after that happened for some reason the group decided to split up. Peter, Claire and Ted were going to head to Nebraska (??where did that come from??) and Matt and Bennett continue to find the tracking system.

Meanwhile, a low spirited Hiro doesn't think he can save the world now that his sword is broken. But his trusty friend Ando pulls out a yellow pages and finds a place that repairs swords. The repair shop has that funky helix symbol in its ad. They head off to another NYC borough to fix the sword.

Nathan and Linderman have a meeting as the citizens of NY go to the polls. As a result of exit polling Nathan is afraid the numbers won't go in his favor. Linderman tells Nathan he shouldn't worry about that. He then talks about how he knew Nathan's father and how he too was a hero. But of course, we don't find out what his power was.

Linderman sees Heidi and tells her that he is going to give this family a gift to get them through the election - and he holds her hands for just a few seconds.

Shortly after that, Heidi talks to Nathan and tells him that she is totally creeped out by Linderman (rightfully so) and asks Nathan why he would continue to associate himself with a guy like that. Nathan asks Heidi to just have faith. And then the unthinkable - her foot starts to move and she is no longer wheelchair bound. It's a miracle!

Peter, Ted and Claire are walking to a place where they can rent a car. Peter starts to hear Sylar's thoughts (thanks to absorbing Matt's power - really, that is sooo cool - Peter for the win!). Peter and the gang duck out into a store to hide.

Hiro and Ando come out from a subway station and see Nathan. Hiro thinks of Nathan as a good guy that can help him save the world. He gets Nathan's attention (even though there are crowds around him at the polls). Nathan crushes Hiro's hopes by telling him nobody can save the world. Then Hiro shouts out that Nathan is a bad man! That's right Hiro - you tell them!

Peter and the gang think the coast is clear and they head out of the store. As they exit a bunch of police officers pounce on Ted and arrest him for being a terrorist. Sylar was able to hear Ted say he is wanted for being a terrorist and if he got caught he would be taken away. Sylar used that for his advantage to take Ted out of the picture - but why?

Hiro and Ando get to Jittetsu Arms and see the man who works in the store. He is amazed by the sword that Hiro has. When Hiro asks if it can be repaired someone is revealed in the background. Hiro's father is there and wants to meet privately with Hiro. Ando begs him not go because his father will try and stop him, but Hiro is compelled to have this meeting.

Micah is still trapped in the deluxe apartment in the sky with Candice. She brings him some rare comics and Linderman comes to ask for a favor. He asks Micah to talk to the computer polling machines and tell them that Nathan wins by a landslide. (You were right, Dan)

And now for one of the coolest scenes of the season - Hiro is taken under the arm of his father and taught how to be a true swordsman. It is revealed that his father also was a hero in his time and can teach Hiro how to kill Sylar.

While Micah goes to the polling station to talk to the machines, DL and Jessica/Niki are on the hunt for Linderman. They find Nathan and he directs them to Linderman. You know for a guy who should be supporting Linderman, Nathan always rats out Linderman's location. That really makes me question Nathan's loyalties and commitment to this plan.

Matt and Bennett find the building where the tracking system is. Matt uses his mind reading powers to convince the security guard to let them upstairs (porn is always a good source of embarrassment!). And just as they enter the building DL and J/N are also trying to find their way in.

I love the moment Matt and J/N see each other again - "Didn't I throw you out a window?"

At first the two groups don't want to help each other but they quickly see that they have a common goal and DL uses his powers to get all four into the elevator and up to their respective floors.

Bennett and Matt get out on their floor and little did they know they were being watched. Matt can hear Thomspon's thoughts and realizes they are about to get caught. Matt saves Bennett and as Matt is about to get caught Bennett shoots Thompson in the head. PEACE OUT!

Matt and Bennett then break into the room where the tracking device is. Mohinder is in the room and it is suddenly clear that this is no device - this is a little girl named Molly. Bennett knew the "device" was a person but he didn't realize it was a little girl.

As they stand there in hesitation, Mohinder knocks out Matt. Bennett then pulls his gun on Molly as Mohinder pulls his gun on Bennett. Who will pull the trigger first?

On another floor of the building DL and J/N find Linderman. Linderman admits that he has been following them their entire lives and even matched them up together. He then reveals where Micah is and then unloads an insane amount of money (all in cash, of course) on the table. He tells J/N to kill DL and take the money.

At first she wants it, but then suddenly Niki comes back to power and refuses to take the money. Linderman annoyed with this whole thing pulls a gun on Niki and then DL takes the shot for her. As Linderman tries again to kill Niki, DL comes from behind and rips open Linderman's skull and kills him. PEACE OUT!

Peter and Claire are still trying to leave NY by car (I'm still not sure why). As they are trying to exit there is gridlock traffic. Peter gets out of the car to check it out. A huge police truck is flipped over and what do we see? Ted hanging upside down with his head cut open - a sure sign of Sylar.

After Hiro and his father spar, Hiro heads off to get Sylar. His confidence is strong and he is ready. But where is Ando? He went to find Sylar himself!

Nathan wins the election by a "landslide" and he goes to his victory party. He gives a speech and Heidi remains in her wheelchair because it just wasn't the right time to reveal this miracle.

And Sylar watches over the city with his hands burning bright...BOOM!

(Please excuse the lack of photos this week, my usual site didn't have them up yet. Special Thanks to Got-Heroes for the pics this weeks.)

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