Friday, June 15, 2007

The Starter Wife (Episode 3)

I have to admit the show is growing on me. At first all of the story lines seemed random and too much for this little show. But they work well together. Of course the story lines are a little out there (Molly has fallen in love with a homeless guy, her other love interest faked his suicide and a whole crew of rich and poor people are living in this beach side mansion).

But even though the story is a little "out there" it still seems half-real. Like the people are really going through these crazy things in their life and somehow they have this random support group to get through it.

Well, like I said in my first reaction - it isn't the best show out there but it is definitely enough to get me through the summer.

And if you need to take some frustration out today - go over to the Starter Wife's website and play the game - Whack an Ex.

You can upload a picture of your ex and just start whacking.



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