Monday, August 13, 2007

The Best Worst Movies

Check out Maxim's top 13 Best Worst Movies We Can't Stop Watching, But Totally Should

The Last Dragon:
Back before hip-hop and R&B was ruined by poser thugs and kung fu movies started taking themselves way too seriously, the two had a torrid one night stand and birthed this beautiful love child. In fact, stand up in your cubicle right now and shout "Who is the master?" Anyone who doesn´t answer ´Sho´ nuff!" is someone you never need to speak to again.

Settle down, holmes. I know your Tony Montana silk-screened shirt, bedsheets, pool table cover, and mudflaps bristle at the thought of Scarface being called a "bad" movie, but ignore the hype and the fake gangster posturing and do something you´ve never done: Watch the movie. It´s aiiight, but it´s not the masterpiece it thinks it is. Still, as generally trashy B-movie stuff goes, it´s good stuff, and we don´t mind wallowing in Tony´s sleaze any chance we get. Just wipe your nose and keep it in perspective. You´re not a Cuban cocaine kingpin in Miami, you´re a Home Depot stockboy from Passaic, New Jersey.


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Blogger LoriB said...

trivia from about the Last Dragon:
-until recently, was the highest grossing Kung-Fu movie of all time.
-there are plans to make a sequel (hehe)
-Daddy Green's Pizza is actually shot at East Village Pizza in NY, NY
-The NY club the Tunnel was the exteriror for the 7th heaven club

can you believe they keep track of this stuff. Ok i'll admit, i'de watch this movie over and over again!


August 13, 2007 3:31 PM  

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