Thursday, August 09, 2007

It Never Ends!

Some of you may remember my continued drama with the repairs in my house. It started with the hell that was my washing machine and then the A/C broke and needed to be replaced.

So after more than a month of dealing with this A/C company now the situation has just gotten more frustrating. Here is a list of what has gone wrong so far:

- I contracted the A/C people through Home Depot. I was told I would get 10% off for signing up for a Home Depot Card and I would get up to $1200 off for using this contractor. I got neither. I complained to both Home Depot and the A/C company but nothing changed.

- The unit I got was way more expensive than other units on the market, but I thought I should go through Home Depot because at least I should be able to trust the contractor. I was wrong.

- The first time they came to install the unit they damaged the walls, doors and floors in and around my bathroom where the A/C unit is located. They are only now getting around to doing the repairs. Let's see how that turns out.

- The unit was installed on July 3rd and did not work at all. I couldn't stay in my house that night because the heat was choking me.

- They came to repair the unit 2 days later as well as install another part which they are charging me another $513 for. I was really upset with the extra charge but I agreed to it so I could just get my A/C done and move on with my life.

- I live in a large high-rise condo building which could not get it's shit together so the final parts could be installed (they needed to shut off the main water in order for the A/C people to put in some new valves and hoses on the unit which were necessary to meet the Miami-Dade building codes). Turns out my building needed to do a larger repair first before being able to shut off the water. They told me it was done but then when the A/C company came out again the water would not shut off.

And now, the A/C company wants me to pay more money! Why? Because They have to come out again to install the valve and hoses that I already paid for.

Meanwhile, while the building was shutting off the water, the A/C guy (who showed up late) waited and eventually left around noon saying he would just come back another day to finish it.

And now, because the guy left and didn't want to wait for my building to figure out the water situation, they want me to pay more money. On top of that, there is an open permit that they need to close and I guess they haven't realized yet that if they don't finish the work they can't close the permit. But they don't want to finish the work without more money. So if I don't pay, the permit stays open and then what?

Truth is that this company doesn't know what's coming if they don't finish this work at no extra cost. Elad has done much of the talking to the company over the past month because they respond well to him. When I dealt with them at first they gave me a run-around (I think it's because I am a girl or a bitch). For some reason they love him. But now they are giving him a run-around. So now they are gonna deal with me again. And I'm just gonna be a bitch until they get this right. We have tried the "nice" thing and they have screwed us. I'm tired and I want to move on with my life already.

Oh, and guess what - the air filters in the store don't fit the unit! Surprise, surprise - more money I have to spend either to buy the filters from them or get a custom made filter somewhere else. It never ends.

After much bitching and complaining, the A/C company agreed to one more shot without charging me more money. Now let's hope my building can get their act together.

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Blogger kovoor36 said...

i cant believe you are still dealing with all this! give them hell and get it done!!:)

August 09, 2007 11:48 AM  
Blogger happy roy said...

jeez, shawn, it's neverending! hopefully this time they'll get their act together!

btw, i was so swamped with work and wedding stuff that i didn't have time to comment on blogs for a few months. i wanted to tell you how much it meant to me that you flew all the way up on a holiday weekend to ny and made the time to attend my wedding. just you taking out the time and effort and expense meant so much to me then, but now knowing how overwhelmed you've been with household repairs and related costs, i'm even more honored and touched by your sacrifice.

August 10, 2007 9:16 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Aw Thanks Julie! Your wedding was so beautiful, it was worth everything! I am really glad I got to attend and be part of the festivities.

But, yea all this A/C stuff sucks!

August 10, 2007 9:50 AM  

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