Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i can't make this up

do you ever hear about crimes that just leave you scratching your head in puzzlement? when i lived in ny, i remember listening to z100, a top 40 radio station in the nyc metro area. the morning show included this guy who used to do a "stupid news" segment and talk about random people who were caught doing totally insane and ridiculous things. those segments would often leave me feeling less hopeful about civilization.

anyway, so i read this post on dlisted about this woman who was arrested for fudge theft. that's right. she was found crying in the lobby of a maryland hotel with fudge smeared all over her and falling out of her purse. the officer who responded to the scene recognized the fudge as being from a nearby candy store. turns out she stole $70 worth of it as well as a bunch of m&m packets. while the officers were investigating, she tried to flush the fudge down the toilet but wasn't successful.

i sometimes crave chocolate as much as anyone...but i can't imagine resorting to theft!

the smoking gun


Blogger Shawn said...

I read about that this morning and of course it made me crave chocolate.

But for real that woman is insane - throwing all that chocolate down the toilet. that must have been some scene.

August 07, 2007 3:53 PM  
Blogger JustMeWriting said...

HAHAHA...Oh, my goodness...welcome to crazy world.

August 07, 2007 6:45 PM  

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