Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Project Runway - Season 3 - Episode 2 - Fit for a Queen

I pretty much did a live blog this week - let's see how it works out.

We start with Miss USA Tara Conner greeting the designers. We are told the designers are making a dress to be worn at the Miss Universe Pageant!! Can we say KAYNE??

The model pick always bores me…who really cares about these nameless girls in the mini black dresses anyway?

The designers are told they are going to be put into pairs after Tara picks the top 8 designs. They start sketching and Angela is on Kayne’s ass. She is telling him how perfect a match would be between them – but he is smart and sees right through her. She has a plan that is crystal clear. It becomes even more evident later on when she shows Tara a blank paper and says she hasn’t even made a design. She expected a free ride from Kayne!

Each designer goes to Tara to show their design. Fun to watch Kayne sell it! And how creepy is Keith Michael? If he went any further we all would have ended up at the local Motel 6.

So is it just me or does Laura wear the same thing every week? The black dress/top deep plunge down to your naval thing –does everything she wear/design have it?

Commercial Break and I am reminded how much I want to get those text messages during the show…note to self…sign up for the free texts.

Teams are chosen:

Laura – Michael
Kayne – Robert -- PERFECT PICK!
Jeffrey – Alison
Malan – Katherine
Uli - Bonnie
Keith – Bradley
Vincent – Angela

They are told they have 2 days - $300 – and they are off to Mood!

We already see some people clashing…and judging each other. In reference to Kayne’s fabric pick, Jeffrey asks if Sherbert is an earth tone? Apparently Tara wanted earth tones – but we should never underestimate the Kayne – he knows his beauty queens!

Angela starts counting down the minutes to Vincent…two nervous people don’t go well together…You know this can only get worse (and more annoying). Angela says she isn’t inspired. I say, it isn’t your job to be inspired – it is your job to make it work!

Back at Parsons…Robert and Kayne say they are a comedy show. Laura says she picked Michael because he will question what she does…I was wondering why she picked him, they were an odd match (like 2 sides of the track). But I guess we shouldn’t underestimate Laura either!

Malan recalls some childhood trauma. He talks about how when he was little his mom threw his sketches aside and told him he would never amount to anything…he is now on the show to say…I’ll show you mommy! We are starting to see a new side of the strange Malan. I almost like him (eeeek!)

Vincent and Angela are already clashing – Vincent has put a 3 feet restraining order on Angela. Like I said…this can only get more annoying!

Here comes Tim…oh yay I love this part! Between 4 “Carry On’s” (he literally said carry on 4 times!) he tells Uli he loves her concept, tells Vincent he is disappointed, tells Malan that the dress looks like it was carved out of a log and looks heavy. Tim is always so right!

Before we go back to Atlas we hear Kayne and Robert talking about rhinestones – Robert reminds Kayne she is a beauty queen – not a disco ball. Why can’t there be more talk like this?

Back at Atlas the designers are talking about each other – well mostly the guys are talking about Angela. Jeffrey calls her a Feminazi (ouch)…is this MTV Real World (people stop being polite, and start getting real!)

So Finally it is Runway time!! We get Vera Wang sitting in for Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Tara Conner (Miss USA).

Jeffrey calls his own dress beautifully grotesque. I am actually uninspired – doesn’t do much for me. Alison didn’t think it was good.

Kayne talks about how he has been to 400 and something million pageants and he is loving his dress. I agree – he has lived up to the hype!

Malan thinks he has best foot forward, but Katherine is not happy…she says she did best with the design. The dress isn’t looking hot on the runway – top is clumpy, bottom is torn.

Uli feels her dress is modern, clean and sophisticated. It is eye catching and true to what Uli pitched. Her dress flows and is beautiful. Good job Uli! You are a top choice for me!

Laura has a simple silhouette and Michael says he did an excellent job on construction. I agree. It is simple, maybe too simple for a pageant – but the dress looks great on the runway.

Keith and Bradley - The color of this dress is nice – but the woman looks pregnant. Definetly not a pageant dress. Maybe a casual red carpet.

Vincent still stands by that dress. I don’t see it is bad or good. I guess the construction is good – but it doesn’t feel like a beauty pageant dress.

That felt like a quick runway…and before you know it Kayne, Robert, Malan, Katherine, Uli, Bonnie, Vincent and Angela are called out. The rest are safe.

The Judges loves Uli’s dress - the flow – the back cut out. Vera Wang says it is modern, loves the color, loves the layering of color and that it is unique. The Judges also love Kayne’s dress. Love the sweetheart top, love the different color, and Tara was surprised because the more she looked at it, the more she loved it. But I have just one question – What’s with Robert’s sunglasses? I think Michael Kors can barely pull of sunglasses indoors during Fashion Week – what makes Robert think he can do it during the show?

The Juges have harsher words for Malan. Vera goes after the gathering on top and Nina simply asks “what happened?” – It is clear that the dress wasn’t long enough and Vera reminds him that it is always good to leave extra. Malan and Katherine agree – if anyone is to go home – it is Malan.

Next we go to Vincent. He talks about how it was an astronomical amount of work and how he did it all himself. Angela says she didn’t like it because it was too simple and like a dress she made in college. After Angela bashed the dressed the Judges backlash and talk about how they liked the back and how sophisticated it was. Ok so the sleeves look like a “space cadet” but it wasn’t all bad – apparently minimal is good! Angela says Vincent should be out – Vincent says Angela should be out – and she “shocked.” Well, it was the “nightmare of my life” to work with Angela, according to Vincent – what a drama queen!

The Judges deliberate. They say Vincent made a classic gown and Angela was out of line. Uli is “young, hip and happening” and Kayne is elegant and glitzy. And Malan – I don’t know what happened with that one.

So these 8 represent the best and the worst…and of course, one will be named the winner and one of you will be out!

My guess – Malan out, Uli wins. Elad says Angela out and Kayne wins.

Looks like we were both partially correct. Kayne is the winner and gets immunity! Tara is going to “work that gown”…and then we find out Malan is out. But right before that Heidi made a point to tell Angela she is in, but just barely! Ooooooo!!!

Well I am actually sad to see Malan go. After 3 seasons of trying out and it is over so soon! I was just starting to get to know him!

And poor Malan, how you gonna show your mommy now? I think he actually cries…and he talks about feeling ashamed. Who knew he was human? He talks about having to say goodbye to people all his life…but he put it best when he said “the show must go on!”

This week reminds me of Daniel Franco getting the boot last season. If you recall during the lingerie episode - he blamed himself (and his team blamed him too -Chloe and Kara I think) for the poor design. Meanwhile, Santino's outfits were awful but there was only finger pointing all over the place there. But then the one who points the finger at himself is out. What is up with that Project Runway? I guess Malan's outfit was worse than what Daniel Franco put out there - but Angela pulled a "Santino" by pointing fingers - and she gets to stay. What does that mean? The engima that is Project Runway!

So now I am loving Kayne and Robert. They are the power couple this season. And Uli is still topping my list. Vincent is still a crazy guy – but maybe he will end up showing us something great? Well I doubt it. But at least we get more drama next week!



Anonymous dan vera said...

Nice play by play.
I don't think Malan deserved to go v. Angela who did nothing and couldn't even sketch a design for a client. It seemed clearly about plot devices.

July 19, 2006 11:11 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

Angela is soooo shady now - i want her out. And to think I supported her last week!!! Her days are numbered.

July 19, 2006 11:33 PM  
Blogger happy roy said...

great job, shawn! i can't imagine the effort it took to put this together! my take -- i'm sad malan went b/c he was actually starting to emerge from the cartoon character he created for himself last week. but while angela was incredibly annoying, she didn't create a horrible outfit (actually she created nothing!) so i guess malan was the right one to go.

i'm confused -- you used the name alison in 2 different pairings. i thought bonnie or some brunette worked with jeffrey?

i liked uli's outfit a lot except it created horrific boob sag. maybe if the dress were more supportive on top, it would have worked better. i too loved keith's outfit but i agree that it was more red carpet than pageant. laura and michael's dress was pretty but it was white -- which was exactly what tara did NOT want.

i want more kayne and robert too! he can wear the sunglasses all he wants if i get to hear more of their comments to each other.

seeing your play by play blog makes me wish i did this for so you think you can dance...but alas the bar exam prep got in the way. maybe i'll do it for the top 5 finalists...

July 20, 2006 10:01 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

there is always next season!!!

hmmm i need to go back and look for that alison mistake - there are a few girls in there that i can't get their names straight...

July 20, 2006 10:18 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

found the mistake - i said alison worked with malan when it was katherine that worked with should all be fixed now

July 20, 2006 10:22 AM  
Anonymous mommylap said...

What a great live recap! Good energy, and even though I knew everything that happened I felt like I was watching it again for the first time with you as well!

I was so upset that Angela wasn't booted- I guess Malan's mistake was greater, being that it was an actual design mistake, and his dress was really a great example of a good idea going wrong. If only the whole gown had been the bottom fabric the concept would have worked much better. Part of me the second I saw the hem thought- "oh.this loses." - and then I was just really hoping Katy didn't go because I expect to be delighted by her soon.

Great recap!!

July 20, 2006 10:44 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

ooh I hope to be delighted by Katherine soon too - she is young and cute and i am glad we will see more of her next week!

thanks for stoping by and commenting! much appreciated!

July 20, 2006 10:47 AM  
Blogger Elad said...

I agree with everyone else. Angela's bad attitude was a serious buzzkill and even though Vincent is a freak himself, he didn't need that tension and anxiety. His dress looked anxious, as if there was another idea there but he didn't get a chance to find it.

I disagree with some of the other bloggers that keeping Angela around was a Producer's decision to keep the tension level ratched up. I don't think that's what happenned. I believe Heidi and the others were not ready to boot a designer based on work that they didn't do. (At least this early in the season.)

As much as I started to like Malan too, his dress just didn't work. Not for the challenge and not for the client. As such, I think it was the right deicison.

July 20, 2006 11:17 AM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

This episode wasn't what I expected(gotta pay attention to those promos that practically whisper"this season on PRand then seque into the now famous "we're going to have to ask to leave..." and "this is against all the rules..")aside from Vincent, aka Napoleon Bonaparte, who reacted to Angela's critiques as if she were one of NB's generals suggesting that maybe assaulting Moscow in the middle of winter isn't a good idea.

Angela probably deserved to be "auf"ed for one: trying to sell herself to sure-fire winner Kayne, instead of sketching or at least coming up with more questions for Queen Tara. But Malan did followed Daniel Franco's rule of taking the blame as team leader and therefore getting the auf.

Lesson learned: In the real fashion world, as in the real world, doing the right thing will deep six you every time. Malan, give DF and Austin Scarlett a call--maybe you three should form a company: Designers with Fashion Morals.

Vincent deserved Angela since the black velvet bag fairies will get even with you for using a basket as hat and then lying about having doubts about using said basket when criticized for it on the runway.

Best part of this episode: The commercial with Jay McCarrol in his Saturn van with his stiff of a muse(ha! Ha!)giving us a mini tour of Bryant Park!

July 20, 2006 12:23 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

ooh that episode totally cracked me up!!! i was definetly left thinking what the hell was that? but anything with jay makes me happy :)

July 20, 2006 1:56 PM  
Blogger LoriB said...

that's my sis, u rock! This was an awesome live re-cap i feel like i was in your living room watching it with u. Congrats on making #1 on the PR blog post.

July 21, 2006 1:20 PM  

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