Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway - Season 3 - Episode 7 - Everyday Woman

Usually every week after Project Runway I get filled with thoughts and predictions and excitement. This week I am just annoyed. Why am I annoyed? Well let me start with the fact that Uli didn't win. Then to make it worse, Vincent won. Then I got this feeling the whole challenge was just a mess with an uneven playing field. Finally, I saw way too many garbage bag/moo moo looking outfit last nights, and women who are "plus size" don't have to look like that!! (Which is why Uli should have won!!!)

Ok now that I have gotten that out of my system...Let's talk about how CUTE a chubby little Kayne was??? That just made me love him more :)

So anyway, this week the designers were told they are making an outfit for the "everyday woman" - interesting, right? At first I thought wow that is great! And they made it even better by bringing out sisters and mothers of the designers. How sweet! Tears all around.

But then I saw the women - and that's when I started to get annoyed. First off, each woman looks completely different. About half were very much "plus size" and the other half were thin/slender type women. The whole shock of seeing family members made me forget that some designing was about to go down. But once I saw how unfair the competition was for certain designers over others....well, you all know how I feel. And by the way, if Uli would have won, this would have been a completely different post, but more on that later.

The big budget Project Runway flew in family members from all over the United States and even England. We are told that each designer had to pick another designer's mother or sister to design for. Here is the breakdown.

Judy (Kayne's mom) - Uli
Darlene (Angela'’s mom) - Jeffrey
Patricia (Vincent's sister) - Robert
Pamela (Michael's mom) - Kayne
Theresa (Roberts sister) - Michael
Pam (Jeffrey's mom) - Laura
Heidi (Uli's mom) - Vincent
Laurraine (Laura'’s mom) - Angela
(I may have gotten some of these names wrong, sorry)

So Angela's mom and Jeffrey. Could you think of a better match? Jeffrey put it best - God got drunk today! Or did he wake up drunk? Does God wake up? (I didn't know Jeffrey was such a religious man) You know this is going to be trouble.

The designers get together with their models (aka mommies and sisters) and are told they are invited to a special event hosted by the guest judge (who could it be???)

The guest judge is Michael Kors with a wig on. Ok well, actually it's his mother. But I swear they are TWINS. I want to do that Austin Powers thing where he pulls at the woman's hair and says "It's a MAN, BABY!"

So our Guest Judge, Joan Kors, and her split screen son, Michael, host a champagne party at Tavern on the Green...lovely! The mom's are out in full effect with awkward growing up pictures and stories. How cute!

Jeffrey's picture shows him looking very blonde and kinda preppy - maybe at a beachy high school in California? Turns out that blondie turned into an alcoholic, who is now recovering - and now we get the Jeffrey we all loathe (and some of you love) today.

And then we find out some big news - Laura is having ANOTHER child. Oh my god enough already Laura! Yea yea yea - super woman - career, don't dress down, blah blah blah. The only thing that I am sick of more than her ribcage is the fact that she needs to mention the fact that she has 5 kids all the time. Ok you think you are super woman - wonderful!!! Now you just topped yourself. Why are you on this show? Don't you have 5 kids to take care of????

By the way I know Michael Kors is the one who brought up the 5 kids this time - but still, I am just sick of Laura and this is the only way I can take it out on her.

The designers are sent back to the workroom and are now given a chance to get down to the designing. Tim Gunn tells the designers that they must make a look for an everyday woman. That means it should fit a day to day lifestyle, be fashion forward and reflect who you are as a designer. I want you all to remember the challenge when you look at the clothes because so many failed to be fashion forward and make an outfit to fit a day to day lifestyle - except ULI - who didn't win (what the!!!!!!)

The designers have 30 minutes to meet with the model and one day to make it work!

What happens from this point on is all fuzzy thanks to a little fight that breaks down between Jeffrey and Angela's mother, Darlene. Sure there was talk between the designers and models about zebra prints, Audrey Hepburn, rhinestones on shoes, vented skirts, and cruise ships. But none of the details matter after we see what goes down after the shopping trip.

So here is what went down. The great Tim Gunn was making his rounds in the workroom. He gets to Jeffrey's table, and the only person there at that moment was Darlene (Angela's mom). Tim asks Darlene what she thinks of Jeffrey's ideas and fabrics. She says she feels "matronly" and doesn't feel comfortable with the colors. Jeffrey suddenly appears looking kinda surprised that Tim is chatting with Darlene without him.

Jeffrey finds out that Darlene was giving a negative reaction to the design and Jeffrey starts to assume that Darlene is doing it on purpose to set him up. And you know what assuming does....

Tim walks away and lets Jeffrey and Darlene discuss. Jeffrey starts to be a snobby designer and says he is making the outfit he wants and he doesn't even appreciate Darlene standing there (meanwhile all of the designers are with their models working together). Then he says the thing he should not have said - he tells her that her taste in clothes reflects the fact that she is insecure. That is pretty much calling her fat. Don't go there Jeffrey!

Darlene is very upset and insulted. Angela tries to console her mother. Darlene feels there is so much hate in the workroom, that she doesn't even want to face Jeffrey anymore and that she has never been spoken to like that before.

Word gets back to the design work room that Jeffrey broke down Darlene. Jeffrey goes into ass mode and is like "I'm just being honest" "She wasn't nice to me, why should I be nice to her" --- Jeffrey, when will you learn?

Jeffrey's mom tries to come to the rescue and smooth over the tension. It seems to work - Jeffrey you are lucky your mommy is there to save you!

Enough of the drama...let's get to the designs.

Winner - (ugh I don't even want to write this) Vincent with Uli's mom

I don't want to talk about Vincent's design. He annoys me so much. Let me talk about cutie Uli's mom. She starts talking in broken English and the only one who understands her is Heidi - that totally cracked me up! (***Update - According to some helpful comments, I have found out Uli's mom was actually speaking German - which makes perfect sense for why Heidi was able to understand her***) According to Heidi, Uli's mom loved the dress. All the judges agree the dress was sleek and perfect for an adult. Ok Vincent, I will give you this one. You kept quiet enough this week anyway not to gross me out.

YOU SHOULD HAVE WON!!! - Uli with Kayne's mom

Uli should have won because she actually designed for one of the women who did not have a slim figure. She made a really slimming outfit, day to day wear, and put her touch as a designer on the outfit. She used her signature pattern mixing. I thought Kayne's mom looked so wonderful compared to all the other plus sized mommies/sisters. If this challenge was to design for an everyday woman and make her look good - Uli was given a real everyday woman (not like Uli's mom) and made her look amazing.

I think I could go on all day about this...but you all probably know where I am I will just move on.

Almost a winner - Michael with Robert's sister

Michael made a reversiblele shirt dress. The judges constantly talk about how Michael thinks about his design and who he is making the outfit for. They are totally right - which is why he deserves to get to fashion week. He thought about Theresa being a business consultant - working during the day and maybe having drinks with the ladies after work. She could do one of those quick changes (like Superman) and reverse the dress for a day to night outfit. You are great, Michael. Keep on doing your thing!

All of the rest of the designers were at the bottom half. This week nobody was "safe" right after the runway challenge.

Laura with Jeffrey's mom

Who would have guessed that Jeffrey's mom is a cruise enthusiast? Can you just imagine her by the deck pool gossiping with fellow cruise guests. "Oh my son is a designer! You should see the wonderful things he does. (whispering) He used to be a junkie - but now he is all better!" (I imagine that in the Jewish mother voice and a lot of hand gestures- even though his mom really doesn't fit that mold. A girl can dream...)

Well I have nothing really to say about the outfit. Supposedly it was tailored well and it was cruise wear inspired. Yea whatever not interested.

(By the way, what is Laura wearing?? Is it a table cloth turned into a dress? A doily? Each week her personal outfits confuse me more and more)

Angela with Laura's mom

Laura's mom wanted to have an Audrey Hepburn style outfit. Considering Angela just made an Audrey outfit a few challenges ago this should have been easy. But instead of clean and classic we got black, baggy and fringes. She is a slim woman and Angela should not have had a hard time designing for her. This brings me back to the fact that Angela has only designed like 2 good outfits. The rest of her outfits made us all think she came from the same planet as Vincent.

Kayne with Michael's mom

Does anyone else think she is wearing a bib? I just didn't get what Kayne was trying to do here. First of all, if I have learned anything from Pink is the New Blog - Capris are a big NO NO. (Ok, I wear capris sometimes - but I have very little fashion taste and definitely do not belong on Project Runway). Kayne is lucky that two other designers made moo moo's - because otherwise he would have been closer to being out.

Jeffrey with Angela's mom

So this was the moment we were all kinda waiting for. After all the tension in the workroom - what was Jeffrey going to make? One god awful outfit - that is what he made! I have no clue what was going on with the random blue fabric on the front. He said she works in a salvation army - that doesn't mean she has to look like she shops there! Jeffrey, you are really bringing yourself closer to geting that auf'd. You should have listened to Darlene. If you are given a challenge you have to work with it - don't pull that Keith Michael thing and think you are better than the challenge.

And you are out - Robert with Vincent's sister

We all felt it coming. Robert week after week was getting the snooze alarm going off. And finally he sent this down the runway and did himself in. Doesn't Vincent's sister look like she is miserable in that outfit? I would be too! He could have just put a sheet over her and pulled off the same look. There is no style. There is no "Robert". There is no day to day look. There is only blah.

And once again after the auf'd the designers all burst into tears because they are so sad to see Robert go - even Jeffrey is crying! This is one emotional bunch - I don't remember last season being full of so many tears.

Robert is only filled with fond memories of his experience and knows nothing will ever be the same as Project Runway.


Next out - Kayne, then Jeffrey, then Angela, then Vincent.
Final Three - Uli, Michael and Laura.

I don't know why I am thinking Kayne is out next - but I just get this feeling he has lost some of his super power now that Robert is gone. And the last 2 outfits he has made were bad. Laura is now in my top 3, not because I like her, but because I think she is more consistent then the other designers. And somehow Vincent is saving his ass week after week - so he may make it almost to the end.

PS - I hope you are all keeping up with your Blogging Project Runway reading - everyday there is something new and interesting on that site!



Blogger Sassy said...

dude angela's mom annoyed me - not to mention the fact she kinda resembled a beetle (omg is that totally mean of me???) she shouldve been more vocal w/ jeffrey & not tim about what she liked/disliked...although jeffrey probably still wouldve whipped up some hideous outfit! now i know where angela gets her weirdness from. btw ULI WAS ROBBED!!!! she needs to win a challenge ASAP!!!!

August 24, 2006 2:17 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

I am feeling like Uli is robbed every single week :(

And although Angela's mom wasn't vocal - Jeffrey didn't have to turn into an ass - it isn't like Tim is the judge - they were still in the workroom and she expressed her opinion at a point where he could have worked with what she felt comfortable in

August 24, 2006 2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gawd. Robert is so effing hot.

August 24, 2006 11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Michael's reversible dress idea, but I don't think a woman could really wear it both ways on the same day -- there would be deordorant marks on the armpits.

August 25, 2006 7:47 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

good point! i didn't even think about that deoderant issue

August 25, 2006 7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uli's mom was speaking to heidi in german... the only english was 'vincent'.

August 25, 2006 9:25 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

oh, I thought I heard a few more words of english in there...i could be wrong...

August 25, 2006 9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooooh! A delicious project runway blog! Thank you so much, and thank you for speaking truth with such style (and you speak more truth than any other prblogger I've read, which means we agree, or, more accurately, that you are absolutely brilliant!). (The two Heidis did speak all German, btw, and would love to say they were dishing dirt, but really was more akin to, "so, how do you find the dress?", "oh, I like it just fine".)

August 25, 2006 10:15 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

aawwww thank you soooo much for the compliment - i truly appreciate it :) you made my day!

August 25, 2006 10:43 AM  
Anonymous Somebeach! said...

No matter how frustrated he was with Darlene, all he had to do was turn on the charm for a minute or two.

"I chose this blue color especially for you since the right green was not available. I would love it if you would just stay cool and give it a try!"


"I'm sorry I couldn't find the green. I did the BEST that I could. Since I can't go back for more fabric, let's see what we can do to make this blue stuff a good thing for the dress."

Boom, issue over, she feels good, he feels good.

Worst case scenario:

"I'm thinking about what you've said, really.
I just need to work on this alone for a while and strategize on this by myself. Can I get you a snack or beverage to make you comfortable in the break room?"

Some of it is respect, some of it is charm school, and some is just plain power of BS.

One thing I have learned about "negative" people is that if you positive them enough, either they assimilate, or they leave on their own, happy to avoid your company to go elsewhere to snark or laugh at you.

That's how you handle a disgruntled person.

As for the lovely Patricia,(Vincent's sister) she didn't look happy because she was literally in pain walking and standing on the runway.
She has at least one VERY arthritic hip, so this plan of making her a runway model didn't consider her at all. Maybe I'll add that to the producer post on BPR.

Sha also said, succinctly and directly to the judges, that she was pleased with the outfit and got what she asked for.

Love the recap! Thanks!

August 26, 2006 9:00 AM  

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