Monday, December 11, 2006

Art Basel

I wish I was smart enough to sneak in a camera to the Art Basel events I went to this weekend. I wish I was awake enough to party into the wee hours of the morning in the Design District. I wish it was still the weekend and I could still be enjoying the most un-Miami event I have gone to in a long time.

I was only able to take in one full day of Art Basel - but what a day it was. On Saturday I met up with my family and we hit the Miami Beach Convention Center to see what has been dubbed by the NY Times as the Art Costco for Billionaires. The convention center is overwhelming and at first exciting and suddenly you hit a point of art overload. I was on my feet for maybe 4 hours it felt like. I saw way too many art pieces that were neon lights shapped into script handwriting. At some point you stop looking at the art and you start counting how many objects look the same.

But really it wasn't a bad event. We walked every aisle and saw some interesting pieces. I think the photographs were the best part - especially the ones of nature. Elad really enjoyed a piece that was a mixed media of postcards and a painting. The painting would be of a place and the postcards put specific spots on the map and the inbetween were an impressionistic feel of the land. Does that make sense? Maybe we can find some pictures and put them up later.

There was this one piece that was a cigarette box being dragged around a large area on a string by some overly complicated mechanic device. There had to be the largest crowd around this exhibit - everyone mezmorized by a cigarette box. Very strange.

The highlight of Art Basel was the event that took place in the Design District on Saturday night. I live in the neighborhood and have attempted to see galleries in the area but have failed because the galleries/stores are never open. On Saturday night there was no lack of activity. The streets were closed down, tents were set up with bars and music (live and DJs) and all of the galleries were welcoming in the visitors. I think because we weren't overloaded with art we were actually able to appreciate the pieces we saw. Everything seemed more interesting and exciting (and I wasn't drunk!) - maybe it was the music - maybe it was the crowd. Either way, it was a party and I was happy to be there.

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