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The Office - Season 3, Episode 10 - A Benihana Christmas

Last night's episode was a full hour packed with laughs and drunken Christmas fun!!

The episode started with Dwight coming into work with a Goose that he ran over. He tells everyone it's a "Christmas Miracle" and most people are grossed out. Toby tries many times to tell Dwight he has to get the dead goose out of the office, but after much pleaing Toby agrees to let Dwight prepare the goose for an office lunch.

Dwight: He was already dead, and we Schrutes use every part of the goose. The meat has a delicious smoky rich flavor. Plus, you can use the molten goose grease and save it in the refrigerator, thus saving you a trip to the store for a can of expensive goose grease.
Jim: Wow. Win-win.
Dwight: Exactly, thank you, Jim.
Phyllis: I like goose. If it'’s already dead, is it so crazy if we eat it?
Creed: That'’s crazy. It'’s crazy.

Then Michael comes into work and donates his used bike to the Christmas toy drive. He goes into his office and Carol (his girlfriend) storms in and wants to talk to him. Michael photoshopped his head on the head of Carol's ex-husband in a photo of Carol and her family on a ski trip a few years ago. He used that photo as a Christmas card. Carol is pissed and breaks up with him.

Jim: It'’s a bold move to Photoshop yourself into a picture with your girlfriend and her kids on a ski trip with their real father. But then again, Michael'’s a bold guy. Is bold the right word?

We end up with a very upset Michael. Meanwhile, Pam tells Jim for some time she has been sending Dwight secret letters from the CIA tell Dwight he can apply for a position. In one form he was asked to disclose secrets he would never tell anyone else. Pam offers Jim as his Christmas present the opportunity to give Dwight his secret mission. Jim turns down the offer because he is changing his ways.

Jim (reading Dwight'’s file): “"Last year, my boss, Michael Scott, took a day off, '‘cuz he said he had pneumonia, but really, he was leaving early to go to magic camp."”

That was kind of a sad moment because suddenly Jim doesn't want to take part in the Jim/Pam pranks anymore. What has Karen done to him?

Jim: I feel like there'’s a chance for me to start over. And if I fall back into the same kind of things I used to do, then… what am I doing?

Because it is Christmas the office has been planning a Christmas party - with Angela at the head of the planning committee. During the meeting to plan the party Karen offers some ideas that they used to do at Scranton (Karaoke, a raffle). Angela very rudely turns down all of Karen's ideas and kicks her out of the meeting. None of the other girls stick up for Karen (probably because they are scared of Angela?)

Angela: Phyllis, I need you to pick up green streamers at lunch.
Phyllis: I thought you said green was whorish.
Angela: No, orange is whorish.
Karen: Uh, so I had a couple of ideas to make the Stamford people feel more at home. Each year we have a Christmas raffle…
Angela: It would never work here.
Karen: Ok… um, another idea was karaoke…
Angela: No.
Karen: A Christmas drinking game…
Meredith: Yes.
Angela: God help you.
Karen: What?
Angela: These are all terrible ideas and none of them are on the theme of "“A Nutcracker Christmas."” I think you should leave.
Karen (laughing tentatively): You'’re kidding.
Angela: You tried this out, and it'’s clearly not for you. It'’s time to go.

Michael is drowning his sadness in an online sample of James Blunt's song "Goodbye My Lover" - and he gets to hear about a 30 second part of the song that he plays over and over again. Dwight tries to get Michael to forget about Carol by taking everything out of his office that has anything to do with her.
Pam has realized that she has been very cold to Karen and she is not really sure why. In an attempt to be friendly she talks to Karen and tells her that she likes the party ideas she suggested. They decide to make their own party planning committee and are going to throw a Margarita/Karaoke party. The party is announced and Angela is very upset.

Andy goes to talk to Michael knowing that Michael needs to be cheered up. "I can'’t concentrate when I know you'’re in pain, man." Andy suggests a trip to Benihana's because it is like hooters (hmm I am not sure where that joke went). They invite Ryan but he names every excuse in the book not to go.

Jim: Wow, thanks for taking all the excuses, dude.
Ryan: Doctor appointment, car trouble, plantar warts, granddad fought in World War II. Use your head, man. I keep mine in here (points to blackberry type device). Look alive, Halpert. Welcome back.

The "bros" head over to Benihanas (Michael, Andy, Jim and Dwight) and Michael gets very drunk and Andy convinces him to go out with their waitress Cindy (is that her name?). Michael and Andy both pick up a waitress and bring them back to the Office's christmas party.

Meanwhile at the office, the two parties are underway and there is a lot of tension because most people have chosen Pam and Karen's party. Angela tries to intimidate people into coming to her party but the margaritas and song singing have won almost everyone over.

After the boys return from Benihana's with their dates Dwight finds out that he won the office raffle (he won walkie talkies) and Pam suddenly feels really bad for Angela. She offers to combine the 2 parties and Angela quietly agrees.

The two parties come together and we are lucky enough to see everyone singing karaoke. Dwight sings karaoke to "Lady" by Styx, Kevin sings along with the synthesizer (before the parties merged) to "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette, Angela sings karaoke to "Little Drummer Boy" and Kelly sings (to Ryan) "We Belong"by Pat Benatar.

Michael can't tell which one of the two Asian girls they picked up at Benihana's is his new "girlfriend" so when he finally gets a hint as to who she is he marks her with a line on her arm to tell the difference. The two girls finally get bored of the party and take off (with Michael's bike that he gave to Cindy - or not Cindy - I am not sure?? It didn't look like Cindy from Benihanas). Michael again is depressed thinking he could have actually had a relationship with Cindy (or whoever it was he brought back to the office). Jim talks some sense into him and starts talking about how that girl was only a rebound. Then Jim starts talking about how you love one girl and when it comes down to it you are always gonna want that girl and not the rebound (is he saying Karen is only a rebound???)

The show ends with Oscar coming back into the office, seeing the office party and karaoke and turning around and leaving without anyone seeing him. He says it is "too soon."

Quotes from The Office Tally and pictures from Sparklies Gallery, Life in the Office, and wikipedia.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great episode and recap. But one thing -- the girl that Michael brought back to the office *wasn't* Cindy!

December 15, 2006 1:34 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

you know i thought she looked different....who was she???

December 15, 2006 1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She was just some random waitress. I assumed that: (a) Michael couldn't tell her apart from Cindy when he was leaving and took the wrong girl, or (b) Cindy was freaked out by Dwight's goose-killing explanation and refused to go so the bros found replacement "girlfriends." I think the latter because I don't remember Michael ever calling the girl "Cindy" at the office.

December 15, 2006 2:06 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

oooh interesting - thanks for the clarification

December 15, 2006 2:09 PM  
Blogger MM said...

Best parts. 1) Michael singing Goodbye My Lover 2) Kelly singing to Ryan 3) Meredith going for the Vodka and 4) MICHAEL MARKING HIS DATE

Top 10 episode for sure!

December 15, 2006 2:29 PM  

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