Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Very Late Postsecret

As many of you know Elad and I went to NYC this past weekend. This was actually Elad's Hanukkah present from me :) I hope he liked it!

We had a lovely time with family and friends - and now my feet are very sore. It was typical NYC weather - grey, rainy, chilly. But that didn't stop us from running around Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens. We went to the Jewish Museum, the Cloisters, Union Square, Astoria, Forest Hills, Columbia University...and ate at Republic (noodle restaurant), Mughlai (Indian), Liebmans (Jewish Deli), Dallas BBQ (hello Pina Coladas) - and hit up some bars - including the Room, Peculiar Pub and Bar Nine. All that in 3 days!! Only in NYC!

Anyway....here is your very late postsecret post - go check out the rest!!



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