Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do You Want To Save The World?

It seems that saving the world is on everyone's lips lately. San Francisco just passed a law which would ban plastic bags to be used at supermarkets and other stores. A major solar power plant just opened in Portugal. Restaurants are refocusing their menus on local sustainable ingredients. Countless companies are going green. Biodiesel fuel is available for everyday use. And people are switching to energy saver lightbulbs.

Sounds like people are actually starting to realize the need for change.

Lori just posted a great piece on her blog about saving the planet one plate at a time. She talks about a book called Soul-Full Eating, written by Maureen Whitehouse. Maureen says:

“I’d like to offer people hope,” said Whitehouse. “To deliver the news that there are simple things you can do to affect global change for the better. Yes, responding to Al Gore’s call to action can start as simply as choosing different foods to put on your plate. And you can learn to make better choices more easily when you know how to eat in a way that resonates with your Soul.”

So what can you do today to save the world? Well, first you can go out and get Maureen's book and learn about buying organic local foods. Next, buy some reusable cloth bags to take to the grocery store which will cut down on plastic bag use. Try opening the windows instead of pumping the A/C. Shut off the lights when you leave a room. Find out if your local energy company has any reusable energy sources which you can help contribute towards. FPL recently started a new program called Sunshine Energy where you contribute $9.75 a month towards building reusable alternative energy sources in Florida.

So what else can you do right now? Please share some tips and help save the world!

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Blogger Elad said...

Yes! I want to save the world!

March 29, 2007 8:54 AM  
Blogger LoriB said...

One thought at a time.

I am
All is well
Everyday in everyway i'm getting better and better
I will never be the same again!

March 30, 2007 12:35 PM  

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