Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Some Random Thoughts For Today

Elad just started a new job at a place called Genius Jones (a design store with all things for children - toys, books, clothes, furniture, strollers, etc). He is almost insanely excited about this new atmosphere. He loves the people, the work, the toys.

I continue to sit at my boring desk with piles of documents to read and fight over. No toys. No fun. No fair.


Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice just went to the mid-East to spark peace talks. She was hoping to get a final status on some issues such as Jerusalem, the borders of an eventual Palestinian state and the question of whether Palestinian refugees who fled, or were forced to leave, their homes would have a right to return to Israel. All she got was an agreement that Palestinians and Israeli's would talk twice a month in an attempt to resolve these issues.

Ms. Rice, greater people have tried to bring peace and they have failed. I think even God himself called them on a few occasions and negotiated some deal that failed. Nice try. I hope you didn't bill me for that trip.


The word babies and engagement seem to be everywhere lately. Is it just me?


It seems that everytime I click on Yahoo news I get at least three stories about abnormal animals in the "most popular" section. Is that what the world is really interested in? Maybe I need to refocus this blog...


Have you heard of the Pat Tillman story? Pat was a football player for the Arizona Cardinals who enlisted in the army 8 months after the September 11 attacks. He died in battle. First he was made out to be a hero, given a Silver Star and Purple Heart for dying at the hand (or barrel) of enemy fire. At some point down the line his family was informed that Pat actually died from "friendly fire" (that word cracks me up) when he was accidentally shot by another US soldier who thought he was an enemy. After he was shot both American and Afghan soldiers attended to him. His clothes was burned and the entire incident was covered up by the US Army. Until a few months later, when the truth came to light and now there are some serious questions about investigations, cover-ups and how deaths in this war are being handled.

No surprise. Lies! Lies!


Subprime Mortgages are causing people (especially in Florida) to lose their homes. Many adjustable loans fall into this category, where a lender offers a loan with a low introduction rate which jumps up after two years to a rate that the borrower could not afford and causes a default. Also, there are mortgages where you pay a low amount each month which actually takes away from the equity in your home. In some cases a person with a 90k mortgage could end up owing almost 300k after a few years. And the entire time, the borrower thinks they are paying their home and owning it when in fact they are losing their home to a shady business.

Really sad. I think I was offered one of these when I went shopping for a mortgage a few months ago. Luckily I passed it over and insisted on a fixed mortgage.


I checked out one of my favorite blogs, Cityrag, and saw a post entitled "Getting to the Maybe". The post had nothing to do with this blog so understandably there was no link to this blog. But still, I am a bit confused and yet flattered at the same time.


Two people (a non-married couple traveling together) both fell off a Princess cruise into the Gulf of Mexico a few days ago. They refuse to disclose the reason for their fall. The man who fell decided to stick around on the cruise after the fall and the woman decided to go back to land. The crew was informed by friends of the couple that they fell off the boat (how did the friends know??). The Captain immediately turned the boat around and spent 4 hours searching the waters. They were both found in the water with minor injuries.

So why won't they tell us what happened? Why did they fall off the boat? They are demanding privacy but it doesn't look like they are blaming the ship. Ohhhh I am so interested in hearing about this lover's quarrel!!!


Update on my New Year's Resolutions. I got Bubba's teeth removed. He now only has 2 teeth left. He is doing GREAT. He is very active and happy. I think he is a puppy again (or maybe just acting 12 instead of almost 15 years old). Anyway, I am so happy I went through with it even with all the risks that were involved.

Oh and that eating healthy diet thing....I am still at it. I think I have lost a few pounds but the clothes are still the same size. But, I haven't given up yet!! Now I just need to get to that exercise....

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Blogger LoriB said...

As for eating a healthy diet, I can see it working! Your looking great shawn, i can see the changes happening with your body!

Baby, marriage, law of attraction!

Love ya

March 28, 2007 10:14 AM  

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