Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Looking Back on 2006....Looking Ahead to 2007

As I looked back on my New Years Resolution from 2006, I see that I achieved some goals and failed at others. It seems I wanted this year to focus on work and becoming better at my job. I feel like although I am not 100% satisfied I have improved dramatically. (Hey, I did get a bigger office, so that has to say something, even if it was pure luck.) So I should be proud. Oh, and I try to wear make-up on more occasions - so yay for that!

As for working out, well just put that on the list for 2007 because that ended a long time ago.

Over 2006, we saw the end of Nick and Jessica, Arrested Development, Britney and Kevin, Reese and Ryan, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock and the WB and UPN Networks. And to fill the void in our hearts that was left after Arrested Development was off the air - we watched Lost, the Office, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Big Love, Heroes and Current TV.

Little Miss Sunshine came to the theaters and gave us all a new hope for the movie industry.

We also saw the birth of many little babies - Suri, Shiloh, Small Fry and Moses. And questioned the sanity of all of their parents.

Elad and I vacationed in Disney and Alaska!!! Both amazing fun filled adventures (which we can relive over and over thanks to Elad's multi-part recap of the Alaska trip)! We also got to celebrate our two year anniversary at Barton G - I still dream about that make your own cupcake dessert - and have cereal for my Birthday dinner!!! Oh, and I can't forget RIBFEST and Art Basel! We also moved to a new apartment and I started my love/hate relationship with Miami Midtown Target (by the way, right now I LOVE IT).

We were lucky enough to see TWO seasons of Project Runway and see the hits on this blog skyrocket thanks to it!! (Thanks BPR!!!) Do you remember when I faked all you out with the Secret Episode?

There was also a beautiful winter Olympics in Turin (Torino), Italy, which had Elad glued to the TV for days on end. There was also something called the World Cup....but I don't think I was ever able to wrap my head around it.

We tried Quotes of the Day, Blog of the Day, Wiki of the Day...Postsecret of the Week - and well, you guys know that some of that didn't stick around too long.

Pinc, Elad and I turned into dirty hippies on two occasions - thanks to Langerado and Lollapalooza. Oh that kicked so much ass!!!! Can we see Clap your Hands Say Yeah and Broken Social Scene again?!?!?!?!

Oh, and Pinc and I tried one more music festival that I am still not sure if it was a good idea to go to.....Ultra. I'll blame that one on Miami being annoying.

We heard Elad whine about how crappy the music scene in Miami is and then we suddenly were overwhelmed with concerts.

We saw Kyle MacDonald turn his one red paper clip into a house!!! I am still amazed at the power of trading up.

Lori introduced us to The Secret and made us see life in a new positive light!

So much more happened over this past year - it is almost impossible to list it all here. It will be amazing to see what we have in store for 2007.

And so, here I go and attempt to set some goals for the coming year. (Dare I say, my New Year's Resolutions?)

1. Gym. Work out. Stop being lazy. Yea, you know the deal.

2. Be more patient. I can't fly off the handle each time something goes off plan. If I get charged $1 to park somewhere then I will pay the dollar and not curse the guy out. If I have to wait in annoying lines, at a bridge, in traffic - I just need to keep my cool. If anything, let this one apply to my job and dealing with attorney's who piss me off. If I can keep my cool with them, then I have achieved this goal.

3. Start saving money. I work and work and work and guess who has zero in her savings account? Yea, it sucks. But I am working on one of those online savings accounts which can hopefully turn all this around!

4. Start wishing for things. I am happy with the life I am living but I don't really daydream and wish for more. Thinking bigger will make more things happen.

5. Get my dog's tooth pulled. It smells nasty and I am worried how getting his tooth pulled will affect him(because of his age - he is 14) - but really, it needs to go. He had teeth pulled before and he was perfect and happy afterwards. The same will happen, I just need to get it done.

6. Plan mini-trips. Last year we took mini trips to Disney and Lollapalooza (Chicago). I also got to visit my friend Diana in Los Angeles. The trips were short yet very satisfying. I need to do more of those.

7. Stay focused on work, increase my billing and keep on improving. Guess that means less blogging? Hmmm...I'll have to put more thought into that one.

8. Continue showing love to my friends and family and reminding them how important they are to me. Especially to Elad. I would be a mess without his support and even though I am hard on him he really is Superman.

So, to all the readers - I want to thank you for reading this blog over the past year. I hope you have enjoyed what all the contributors had to say. And I hope you continue to read and maybe share us with your friends?

Either way, we appreciate you and hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger happy roy said...

a lot (and yet so little!) has happened in this last year! don't fret about the savings -- at least you're building equity in a home!

i hope one of those mini trips you're planning is to nj for my wedding. *hint hint* well as one to d.c.!

December 27, 2006 5:38 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

HELL YES I AM!!! I have your "save the date" on my fridge and I already started looking up tickets for the wedding - I AM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for DC - I should really go so I will put that one high up on the list :)

December 27, 2006 5:51 PM  
Blogger Elad said...

What a great year! Especially for Getting To Maybe, and what a wonderful post recapping it all from our recapper queen, Shawn! Thanks, Shawn and MM and Julie and all the other active contributors for making such a memorable year here.

December 27, 2006 7:16 PM  
Blogger kovoor36 said...

congrats on a fabulous year!! heres to a better 07!!:)

December 28, 2006 10:44 AM  
Blogger Dazd said...

If 2006 is a glimpse into the future of Getting to Maybe, 2007 should be a stellar year.

Good luck with the site!

Nice resolutions btw.

December 28, 2006 4:05 PM  

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