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Heroes - Season 1, Episode 19 - .07%

AWWWWWWWWWWWW HELL YEA!!! Heroes is back and I couldn't be more excited to see what is going to happen.

The ex-elusive Linderman is finally taking front stage and reveals to us he has his own powers - an ability to bring things back to life! He shows Nathan around his private art gallery and tells Nathan there are great things that can happen for him if he allows Peter to explode and then rebuilds NY. Nathan is bit drunk on the idea of being president, but still fears the loss of life.

Linderman tells Nathan that if the entire population of NYC died in the blast it would only represent .07% of the Earth's population. Linderman feels this is an "acceptable loss" to make ground for helping the world save itself. Apparently Linderman sees this world as void of humanity and if many people die the world can unite and bring a permanent peace with Nathan as the leader. Nathan has to decide whether he wants to take that role, even if that means Peter must die.

Mr. Bennett (I will call him MB for now on) is trapped in his cell by his former employer. Claire walks in (in her cheerleading outfit) and tries to talk to MB. MB first is happy to see Claire but then sees through the rouse and knows it is Candice Wilmer using her powers to look like Claire. I mean come on, I saw through that one when I saw the outfit.

I really love the scenes that follow between MB and Matt Parkman (even though Matt still can't think for himself). MB somehow knows Matt is trapped in a cell nearby and sends messages for Matt to pick up on. He tells Matt that they are about to kill him and he shows Matt how to escape from his cell. Matt responds to MB by banging on pipes. MB leads Matt out and helps him find Ted who uses his powers to cause all the power in the building to go out. It works and Matt escapes with both MB and Ted.

Later, Ted, Matt and MB are in the Burnt Toast Diner (look familiar?) where Matt talks about the Linderman link. Matt is shedding light on facts that not even MB knew about. MB is middle-management! MB tells Tedd and Matt that they need to get to NY to shut down the tracking device that all of the heroes have on them. They all agree to head to NY by bus.

We finally see the end of the Sylar v. Peter death match. Last episode Peter was about to have his head cut open. Peter heals himself and uses his power to throw Sylar across the room. Mohinder drops to the floor because Sylar lost his concentration. Peter goes invisible, which really impresses Sylar. Then Sylar picks up shards of glass and throws it all around the room to find Peter. Peter is struck and reappears and falls to the ground, lifeless. Mohinder then comes from behind and knocks out Sylar.

When Sylar awakes Peter and Mohinder are gone. On top of that Mohinder destroyed everything in the office - including the map and the computer with "the list." Sylar is infuriated but then finds a small paper with Isaac's name on it. Next victim.

I am not entirely sure how Mohinder, with blood dripping off of him on the verge of death, was able to defeat Sylar, carry Peter out of the apartment and destroy everything in the office - but hey, it's TV.

Mohinder goes to Angela Petrelli's home (Peter's mom) and breaks the bad news that Peter is dead. He brings Peter into the house and she sees the large shard of glass deeply embedded in Peter's skull. Later, Mohinder meets with Thompson (when he thought he was going to meet with MB) and says they need to get Sylar.

Prior to Mohinder showing up, we see Angela trying to convince Claire that she needs to leave NY. Claire is shocked to find out that Angela knew about Claire the entire time (since birth) and never told Nathan she was still alive. Angela reveals that she too has powers (although we don't find out what they are) and that Claire must learn from Angela's experience (that I really don't understand). Angela insists that her and Claire must leave NY immediately so the events that must happen can happen (does that just mean Nathan is elected or does she also know about Peter blowing up?)

As Angela sits aside Peter's lifeless body, Nathan shows up (wow, travel between Vegas and NY is so quick!) and is sad to see his brother in this state. He says that it wasn't supposed to happen like this (thanks to Linderman's information). I want to know - was Nathan sad because his brother is dead or because now Nathan cannot save the world as is his destiny?

Claire walks into the room while Angela and Nathan try to figure out what to do with Peter's body. Angela insists that they must hide it until after the election. Angela says that Peter wouldn't want to interfere with Nathan getting elected. Claire walks in and insists on seeing her family. Claire holds Peter and takes a look at his wound. She knows Peter is the same as her and so she pulls out the glass to see what happens. He comes back to life! AMAZING! I guess Linderman's plan can still happen.

Peter talks Nathan into talking to Claire. During this conversation Angela walks in and tells her sons that she has known about their powers this entire time.

Later, Claire and Nathan have their first real meeting. Nathan then convinces Claire to leave to Paris. Is that because he is trying to save her from the explosion or because he doesn't want her to ruin his election?

Earlier in the episode, DL and Jessica/Nikki (I will call her J/N) are talking about Linderman. DL insists that J/N stop working for Linderman because he only causes problems. He tells J/N that she needs to think about her son and not put him in danger. As this conversation happens Linderman's black-suit men show up and ask J/N to have a meeting with Linderman.

J/N is surprised that Linderman wants a face to face meeting because normally he just sends the black-suit men to give instructions. Linderman confesses that he needs a favor and wants Micah to help him save the world by using Micah's abilities. J/N refuses. She will shoot and kill but her son is off limits.

Later on J/N is seen walking out of her house with Micah and she is talking about him meeting Linderman. (Doesn't she sounds like a proud Jewish mother during this scene?) This was confusing because she just said the opposite about handing over Micah. We should have known Candice was behind it! She impersonated J/N and hands Micah over to Linderman. Just as Linderman leaves we see J/N pull up to her house and Candice walks by and leaves.

Sylar goes to Isaac's studio and we see the picture of Isaac dying in the Sylar style in the background. The moment has come for Sylar to learn how to paint the future. Isaac is ready to accept his fate and says that at least he has shown how to take down Sylar (how is that?). Sylar kills Isaac and then paints an awful version of the painting of Nathan in his elected office. So he can absorb the power to paint the future but he still doesn't have the skills and painting technique.
And although the episode was pretty quiet with respect to Hiro and Ando, we do see them 5 years into the future where NY is demolished and there are cranes in the background showing buildings are coming up. Hiro remembers that Isaac once told him that after the explosion the 'brain man" aka Sylar goes to jail. Hiro goes to Isaac's studio in hopes of getting more help.

While still in the future, Hiro steps into the studio to see newspaper clippings hung across the room. We know Isaac is now dead so he won't be there. Hiro believes the clippings are a timeline of the events that happened. And then suddenly Hiro confronts the impossible - himself in the future!


I am really interested in seeing next week's episode. The preview shows what would happen in the future if Peter explodes. Pretty much what we have all been looking forward to all season. I guess the remaining episodes will play out in a way to prevent the explosion from happening.

So what is Angela's power? How did she know Claire was alive this entire time? Is she "in" with Linderman or Thomspon? Do you think Linderman is Peter and Nathan's dad? (I just read on Wikipedia that the dad is named Dallas and fought in Vietnam along side Linderman, and apparently committed suicide 6 months earlier than the first episode) Does she want Peter to die so Nathan can become the leader of the post-explosion world? Is she doing everything she can to make sure that happens?

And is Claire going to leave to Paris? Why Paris? What happened to Angela when she was younger that Claire needs to learn from?

Is future Hiro angry with present Hiro? What happens to Hiro that he gets so edgy in the future? And where is Ando?

What is Micah going to do for Linderman? Will Micah set off a series of events that will lead to the explosion?

Can't wait to see what happens!!!!!

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Blogger happy roy said...

great recap, as always, shawn! i only saw bits of the episode so this filled me in on the rest.

i think isaac demonstrated how to kill sylar in the series of pictures that he gave to the messenger. i have to think that was it b/c otherwise that was a throwaway scene with the messenger asking for spoilers.

i read someplace that mama petrelli's power is the same as another hero's except that hers is more fine-tuned. i'm thinking that she has the time traveling power that hiro has.

April 25, 2007 12:53 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

u know i didnt even give the messenger guy much thought - but you could totally be right that he is the key

April 25, 2007 1:34 PM  
Blogger Elad said...

great catch, julie!

and what a recap, shawn! very exciting. with wonderful picture choices.


April 25, 2007 2:00 PM  
Blogger kovoor36 said...

i was going to say the same thing, he gave that book to the messenger guy, has to be something with that... very interesting to see abt mama petrelli and the last few episodes. great recap, shawn!!

April 25, 2007 2:16 PM  

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