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Heroes - Season 1, Episode 21 - The Hard Part

Ok I am going to admit it for all of you who don't want to. I was bored last night. That episode went nowhere. The whole thing with Sylar and his mom was lame. I saw the theme of parents and children but it didn't go anywhere. I think this was just fluff unless somehow this episode will be a key part in how the next episodes work out.

This episode brings everyone to NY and brings us that much closer to the bomb exploding.

The episode starts with Ando and Hiro in present day NY and they are trying to figure out how to get Sylar. They look at the comic book but there are no words, only pictures. Hiro decides to go see Isaac to find out what he needs to do.

At the Petrelli household, Peter is using the powers he absorbed from Isaac to draw what is going to happen when he explodes.

Nathan's family then shows up (where have they been this entire time?) and Nathan tells them that nothing has been going on. Then we see Claire at the top of the stairs. She is preparring for her trip to Paris with Nathan's mother. Peter walks in and tries to convince Claire that she should stay because she is the only one who can save the world. He tells her that he drew himself blowing up and if that happens she is the only one who would be able to survive coming close enough to him and shoot him in the right place in the back of his head (where the glass was). She is somewhat convinced.

Meanwhile, Ted, Matt and Mr. Bennett are trying to keep a low profile so they can get to NY. I don't know but I really don't trust Mr. Bennett yet. Sometimes I think he is acting in the hero's interest but then I think there is something else there. Maybe I am just watching too much Lost.

Matt tries to call his wife but Mr. Bennett hangs up the phone. He insists that they use backroads and not do anything that would allow Primatech to track them. Ted then heats up a car and they drive off.

Sylar is painting in Isaac's studio and realizes he is going to explode. He sees in the picture hands turning to fire and starts to put all the pieces together of the explosion. He freaks out and calls Mohinder. He begs Mohinder to listen and help but then realizes he is talking to the wrong person and hangs up.

In Vegas, DL and Jessica/Niki are talking about Micah. I then realized - why was Micah alone in the house when Linderman came? He is 10 years old! Why wasn't DL or J/N there with him?

Anyway, DL is convinced it is J/N's fault that Micah is gone. DL decides he is going to find Micah and J/N's reflection tells J/N that she needs to help him.

We then see Micah in NY playing video games in some big apartment. Candice/Jessica/Niki is there watching Micah. Micah tells Candice, who he thinks is his mom, that he doesn't like Linderman and he wants to get out of there. Candice tells him that they owe Linderman and they have to do what he says. He says ok and goes back to his video games.

Then the camera goes to the street below the apartment. There is Mohinder and Thompson. Mohinder shows Thompson that they are the ones that need Mohinder and not vice-versa. Mohinder tells Thompson that they are going to help him stop Sylar. Thompson knows he has no choice and brings Mohinder to meet Molly Walker.

Molly has powers and according to Thompson she is the only one that can stop Sylar. So why get Mohinder involved in all this? Molly is sick with a very rare disease. In fact there was only one other case of this illness - the same thing was wrong with Mohinder's sister Shanti. Shanti died and Mohinder's dad was only able to come up with a way to save her after she died. Thompson leaves it in Mohinder's hands to save Molly.

Sylar gets himself nerded up and decides to visit his mom. Hiro and Ando are hidding in Isaac's studio. They see Isaac dead and know it was Sylar. Sylar then hears their heartbeats and knows they are there. They then transport themselves to a store nearby. Hiro wants to stop there but Ando insists they kill Sylar now.

DL and J/N manage to walk through walls into Linderman's office. They see a wall that is dedicated to their family. They are freaked out knowing that he has been watching them this entire time. They then see on his calendar that he is in NY. Find Linderman, find Micah.

Mohinder takes some blood from Molly to do some tests. She likes Mohinder. She tells Mohinder her power is that she can locate anyone in the world. Kinda like a human GPS! People ask where someone is and she can tell them. I wonder how that will play out in stopping Sylar.

At the Petrelli house, Nathan, Peter and Claire are talking about the explosion. Nathan is trying to convince Peter that he is wrong. Then he talks about Nathan being able to fly which Claire thinks is "cool." (That was a funny moment)

Sylar arrives at his mom's house and she is a bit of a freak. She is completely obsessed with snow globes. She travels the world through snow globes. She is really proud of her son for getting out there and seeing different places.

Like every mom, she tries to convince him to do bigger things with his life. Maybe become an investment banker. She still thinks he only fixes watches. He tells her that maybe he shouldn't be special and keep on fixing watches. She doesn't want to hear it. She says that she knows he can be more so why should she let him not fulfill that? She has no idea!!!!

Claire and Peter are at Nathan's headquarters and I am not entirely sure what they are doing there. They look into Peter's office and see him meeting with Thompson. Claire freaks out because that is the guy looking for her. She tells Peter they have to leave but Peter continues to trust his brother. Claire then leaves knowing that this is all crazy.

We then hear in Nathan's meeting that he is talking about his reservations for allowing NY to blow up.

Micah is still playing video games when Candice comes out to tell him she is going to take a shower. He apologizes for the way he acted earlier. As she goes into the shower he tries to escape the apartment but somehow each door he goes into leads back to the same place. Somehow Candice has that power as well. She then reveals that she is Candice to Micah.

Sylar is still trying to convince his mom that he should just be normal. She won't agree and says he should be President! He then decides to show her what he can do. He grabs a hose attached to the sink and sprays water into the living room. He then freezes the water to create a snow globe-like atmosphere. She is amazed and starts dancing around in the snow. Sylar then lifts up the snow globes and moves them around the room. According to Wikipedia, one of the snowglobes hits his mom in the head and she freaks out. I didn't see that, I just thought she freaked out and ran into her bedroom.

Mohinder is talking to Molly and tells her that he can help her. He figured out that the reason his dad was too late is because he needed the antibodies in Mohinder's blood to save his sister. He hopes the same thing can work for Molly.

Sylar stands in front of his mom's bedroom begging her not to be angry. He seems fragile and vulnerable. Hiro and Ando are standing outside of the apartment and see/hear all of this. Hiro cannot go forward with killing someone like that. He wants to give Sylar a second chance. Then Ando drops his own bomb on Hiro.

Hiro doesn't want to go through with killing Sylar but Ando asks Hiro why he didn't wonder where Future Ando was? Ando tells Hiro that Sylar kills him and so they must kill Sylar. He tells Hiro to be like future Hiro. Hiro doesn't want to be future Hiro and kill to the point of not feeling it. But Ando convinces Hiro to kill Sylar.

Sylar's mom then comes out of the bedroom shocked. She said she is leaving and that she expects him to be gone by the time she gets back. She pulls a pair of sharp scissors out and threatens Sylar. He tries to stop her and ends up sticking the scissors into her and killing her.

As she falls to the ground Hiro stops time and walks in. He says he is sorry to kill, and then goes to strike Sylar. Then somehow time unfreezes and Sylar sees Hiro. He tells Hiro to kill him but Hiro won't do it. Sylar grabs the sword and breaks it in half. Then Hiro and Ando dissappear. They realize they still have two days to kill him so they will keep on trying.

Sylar then recreates the explosion on the floor of Isaac's studio with the blood of his mother. (sick)

Back at the Petrelli home, Peter and Claire are talking. Peter shows Claire his drawing and she recognizes Ted and tells Peter he blew up her house. Peter recognizes the location in the drawing and they head there. This looks like the same building as where Micah is staying.

Claire sits outside of the building and talks to Peter. She tells him how afraid she was before she met Peter because she thought she was alone in this world. He says he felt the same way when he met her. Don't you think they are totally going to make out? But he is her neice!!!

While this meeting takes place, Nathan is at his office and his mother walks in. She reveals that she is "in" with Linderman and she knows the plan. She challenges Nathan and asks him if he is the man that can lead the country. She says a strong leader is needed to make tough decisions. She talks about Hiroshima where thousands died for millions to live. I don't agree with the comparison but I guess that is besides the point. Nathan hugs his mother and looks like he is accepting his "destiny."

I totally think Nathan is going to turn on his mother and Linderman in the end - he just has too much doubt and doesn't want to let his brother die.

So I guess it is confirmed that Nathan's mom is in with Linderman and wants her son Peter to die! But why??? What is so wrong with society? Do they just want to be the ones in power?

As Claire and Peter are sitting out in front of the apartment building, Claire sees her father in the distance. She runs to him and Matt and Ted are with her. She is really happy to see her father. Then Ted walks over and stands near Peter. Suddenly Peter's hands start to turn that familiar yellow-burning color. Peter is absorbing Ted's powers.

Is it too late?

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Blogger kovoor36 said...

i was confused too, i dont know whats happening, but better be some bombshells in the next two weeks!

May 08, 2007 2:02 PM  
Blogger Elad said...

yeah, definitely one of the weaker episodes in Heroes short life. too much like a soap opera with Sylar's exchanges with his mom and Claire's mopping about and complaining she's not normal.

And i wasn't interested in the Molly scenes. a little kid with super powers is SOOO X-Files . i was surprised Heroes went with such a cliche character.

I'm hoping Peter's glowing hands in the final seconds of the episode are not "the" explosion. if it is, that would be very anticlimactic.

May 08, 2007 2:32 PM  

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