Thursday, May 10, 2007


Elad might be a little delayed in his recap today so I thought I would just put some thoughts out there so we can start talking about it...



You know what pissed me off yesterday - why did they even talk about the survivors on the beach with Jack and Juliet? Seriously they never got back to it and now we have to wait another week to see what's going on over there. They shouldn't have even touched on it if they weren't going to get anywhere with it.

So what are your thoughts on the rest of the season?

The producers said that five people are going to die. It looks like Locke is one of them. Who are the other 4? My opinion:

1) Charlie feels like a give in.

2) Ben. If the others and the survivors go head to head I think he is gonna die.

3) Jack. Not sure why but I feel he is coming to an end.

4) Juliet. Don't know for sure about her either - but it could happen.

I read online speculation that it could be Kate and Sayid. In real life Kate and Charlie are dating and so maybe they want to move on with their lives and leave Lost together? That could happen. But Sayid? I couldn't imagine why - but I didn't think Locke would go and I guess I was wrong about that. Or was I?

(Pictures from Lost Easter Eggs)



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