Monday, June 04, 2007


The time is here again for the grads to put on their colored robes and walk down long aisles to pomp and circumstance.

And there is no better time than now to talk about all the bad advice that is given to graduates every year. Because really, how many 20-something year olds are investing in their 401k or kicked their expensive latte habit yet?

What would be some good advice for grads?
- Enjoy your possible last summer vacation while it lasts!
- Start planning your next vacation now, before it's too late
- Try to see as many places as you can before your full time career gives you only a one week vacation a year
- Buy some really great clothes now because you are going to be wearing those same outfits for at least the next 6 years
- Don't move to Florida. Just trust me on that.
- Love your email because that will be your only means of contact for most of your friends
- Get a hobby - you don't want work, the internet and TV to run your life
- Sharpen up on your random history/sports/political facts because you may end up at lunch with your 65 year old boss and he could care less about Paris Hilton.

Do you have any good advice for those leaving school behind?

(Thanks Pinc for the NY Times article)



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