Thursday, July 19, 2007

Top Chef Revisited

So last night I did a mini-marathon of Top Chef where I watched the past three episode (including last night's new episode).

My first impression of the show was that Hung was a clear front runner for winner. My opinion has changed a bit since then. I still think he has a lot of skill and great technique, but his cockyness is doing him in. He is totally like Santino from Project Runway. He has so much confidence in his work that he dismisses the critiques from the Judges. Really he should be listening and improving his food because that would really take him to the next level. But sadly, I am going to guess that his pride is going to do him in and he will be eliminated in a few episodes.

So who do I like now? I am kinda loving CJ (the tall guy) but that might be just because he is tall. I was also really starting to like Lia, but she was eliminated. I always like the young NY contestant that probably won't win because she is inexperienced (aka Diana from Season 2 of Project Runway).

I am really enjoying the new Howie and Joey bond. Their clashing was annoying but now that they have joined sides I think they make a good match. Howie really impressed me in the Home Cooking episode.

In last night's episode I thought Sara's dish (Jamaican girl from Miami) looked great and everyone seemed to love it. Why wasn't she called into the winner's circle? I think she has great potential and she just needs to be a little more consistent.

And then there is Tre. Tre started strong in this competition but has been hiding out in the middle lately. I think he is going to end strong and end up in the final with Howie and ???? not sure yet.

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