Thursday, August 16, 2007

Birthday Dinner at The Forge

The official birthday dinner night was reserved for Elad. As part of my birthday wish, I asked him to pick out a place for us to eat. He picked out 5 and made reservations at all of them. After a few weeks of indecisiveness, we picked The Forge.

The Forge is known for its steak, wine and romantic dark lighting. There are multiple rooms you can choose from when you make a reservation. Honestly I don't think there is any restaurant like The Forge anywhere else in Miami. I felt like I was transported back to NY to some amazing unique restaurant that I couldn't afford there either. There is the main room, the wine dining room, the dome room, the library and I am sure a few others. Elad chose the library because it is known to be cozy. The room literally looks like a library in a person's home. Floor to ceiling bookshelves with glass doors. I peaked inside one and found law books (Southern Reporter). Also, there are large stained glass windows that make you feel like you are in a church or temple. Not that it is religious. There is nothing religious about it. It is just dark and heavy and gives that feel of importance.

We were seated at a table which had a couch as well as two chairs across from it. We chose to sit next to each other on the couch. First the wine menu is presented to you. We picked a savignon blanc by the bottle. The wine comes out along with a cone full of bread. The bread was hot and really good and came with a butter mixed with herbs. There was sweet, salty, cheesy and seasoned bread. Beware of over consuming the bread - there is a lot more ahead of you!

Next the HUGE menus come out. Literally the menus were as big as the table. There was a large variety of fish and meat. Meat is their thing. They have all cuts of steaks and they are known for their aged-super steak. (Although I was advised it ain't all that "super" and you can do just as well with getting the filet.) Elad and I have this little thing that goes way back that I was supposed to get lobster at some dinner out. So if its gonna happen - why not at the Forge? So Lobster for me and filet mignon for Elad. We also ordered a tuna tartar appetizer and a side of creamed corn and sweet potato mash.

As we perused the menu, a little taster came out. A small plate with a shrimp with a cold creamy sauce. If this was a taste for what was coming, we were headed in the right direction.

The tuna tartar came out fast. It had a mango salsa decorating the plate, as well as kimchi and eel sauce. Elad is kinda obsessed with sushi right now so he was loving the raw tuna. I agree - it was really well done.

Let me just break from the food to tell you about the service. We must have had 5 different people waiting on our table. They were constantly refilling the water, pouring the wine, cleaning up after us, checking to see if everything was OK. There is no lack of attention to detail at this place.

The main course came out and I was surprised because it was actually fast. I thought I would wait awhile but before I knew it there was food in front of me again. The meals come out on large plates covered in a metal dome to keep it hot. After the meal is put down and all the side dishes are present, they lift the dome and WHALA there is your lovely meal.

The lobster I got was on special that night. It was a lobster tail from South Africa. This thing was HUGE. Literally the biggest lobster tail I have ever seen in my life. Can easily feed two people. It was cooked on a tuscan grill and served with macadamia nuts and a few pieces of veggie tempura. It has been a very long time since I have had lobster and with a payoff like this it was worth the wait. It was tender and meaty and so filling. The only problem is that I could have used some buttery sauce, but this lobster was not going for the traditional butter thing so I didn't ask. I fully enjoyed it nonetheless!

Elad had the filet and it was perfect. Great consistency, size and flavor. It came with a small kabob of grilled veggies.

As for sides, I think you can skip on it. The creamed corn was good but nothing to rave about it. The sweet potato mash was too sweet. They must have added something to sweeten it up but it just went a little too far for my taste.

So at this point I couldn't breath. I was so full I could barely sit straight on my seat. But it is my birthday and what is a birthday without dessert? We ordered this chocolate pie (The Forge Blacksmith Pie). It had multiple layers of cream and chocolate and a cookie crust. Very tasty but I could only get two bites down and decided it would be best to take it home and eat the rest later.

This dinner was really amazing. And don't think the check didn't reflect that. All I could do was laugh hysterical at how expensive the meal was. I think Elad shed a tear as he handed over his credit card. But we can't deny that the meal was worth it. We didn't cheap out in any respect and really took full advantage of what the Forge has to offer. It might not be often that we can eat like we just won the lottery and I am extremely lucky to be treated so well on my special day! Thank you, Elad! I love you!!!!

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Blogger happy roy said...

i think i put on 10 pounds just reading this! i'm glad you enjoyed your birthday and had such great company. ;)

August 17, 2007 12:43 PM  

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