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Heroes - Season 2, Episode 2 - Lizards

EWWW W Peter is looking like crap!

So would you if you got beaten up by some angry Irishmen who want their iPods. Too bad Peter can't even remember his name and give them some worthy information to stop the beatings.

Claire is showing off to her mom her super healing powers and after bitching and complaining about having to be normal, Claire is off to school. Noah and his wife talk about Kaito's death. He must have been someone really important to find his way to the front page of a California newspaper when he died in NY.

Noah reveals to his wife (after being accused of keeping secrets) that he is on the hunt to find 7 paintings which reveal future events painted by Isaac Mendez. I wonder what the other 7 are?

Noah already has one painting and the other 7 will reveal how more events will unfold.

Detective Matt is investigating Kaito's death. He is on the rooftop of the Deveaux building and Ando is there. (Didn't they meet before?? Because they really acted like they didn't know each other) Both Matt and Ando need to find Hiro and find out what is going on with Kaito's death.

Meanwhile, Hiro is still in 1671 Japan. He is still trying his hardest to convince TK (Takezo Kensei) to save the sword maker's daughter and the town. TK is still drunk and useless. It looks like Hiro has gotten the idea that he should just be TK and fulfill the hero's story.

At school, Claire is strangely obsessed with regeneration in lizards. She makes the argument that the same thing can happen to humans. Her teacher tells her good luck with her PHD. And she raises the suspicion of her stalker, West.

Suresh shows up for his first day of work and immediately Bob sends him off to Haiti in a private jet. There is a man in Port au Prince, Haiti, and he has the rare virus that killed Suresh's sister.

In Mexico, Maya and Alejandro are still trying to make their crossing to the United States. They go to an old friend, Nidia, who helps a lot of people cross to the US. Maya is still afraid of herself and insists they don't harm Nidia by crossing with her. Alejandro says he will be by her side so nothing should happen.

Back in Ireland (is that where they are?), Peter continues to be beat up. A lovely girl, Caitlin, comes to tend to his wounds. Can you see the love connection already? She is Ricky's sister. (Ricky is the guy looking for the iPods). She tells Peter that those iPods are a huge debt that needs to be repaid or there will be terrible consequences. She notices something strange about Peter - his wounds start to heal very very quickly. Almost as if they never existed.

Suresh arrives at his patient's home in Haiti. And guess who it is - The Haitian! What a surprise?!?! He doesn't want Suresh's help but Suresh tells him that he has the only cure for the virus.

In Mexico, Maya is told that she is very evil by a woman with weird psychic powers.

Hiro gets into the ancient Japanese Battle of 12 Swords and kicks serious butt. He beats some men who were trying to kill the sword maker's daughter. I think she is in love!

Peter uses his powers to escape from the ropes tying him to the chair. He escapes in time to save Caitlin from getting beat up from some roughnecks.

In California, Claire is all like yea, whatever, West, I don't know why you think I am obsessed with regeneration!?!? And West is like, but Claire you need to read this crazy book that says exactly what you are talking about! And Claire is all like, yea, whatever, NERD!

And Hiro makes it rain cherry blossoms for the sword maker's daughter.

Suresh cures the Haitian and Suresh tells him he works for a company. The Haitian is very suspicious of companies so he wipes out Suresh's memory. (Or so we think) Bob shows up and the Haitian is gone and Bob is pissed at Suresh for letting the Haitian go.

Maya and Alejandro (M&A) are on their crossing with Nidia. The authorities are coming and Nidia leads Maya to a large pipe that goes under a river. They get into the pipe but have to leave Alejandro behind because the authorities are on their tail.

And then that weird thing comes over Maya and without touching Nidia, Nidia is on the ground choking. Maya gets strange black bloody looking tears coming down her face. Alejandro appears and brings Nidia back to life. Nidia thinks they are evil and she runs off. M&A have no clue where to go from here.
Claire leaves school and goes to get in her car. One problem - it is gone! Apparently she left the door unlocked (I guess her superpowers don't carry over into her street smarts) and someone stole the car. She goes to tell her dad at work. Again Claire somehow manages to complain about not being able to take advantage of her powers. She wants to know her limits and help people. Her dad insists she lay low.

Matt brings in Angela for questioning on Kaito's death. She reveals she had a sexual relationship at one time with Kaito (who knew!) and then she realizes Matt is reading her mind. She turns angry and calls for her lawyer. ("She said uncle") Nathan shows up to post bail for his mother (she was in jail?) Suddenly Matt and Nathan hear screaming and they have to break into the interview room to save Angela. She is still alive clutching the picture of her with the helix on her face. The person who attacked her is gone.

Peter and Caitlin are looking awfully close and Ricky shows up. He demands some information from "Peter". Apparently Ricky knows something about Peter and he has more in some box. The box contains things that Peter had in his possession when he was found in the cargo container. Peter gets the box in exchange for helping with another robbery.

Hiro comes back to TK and tells him about the battle and saving the sword maker's daughter. Hiro convinces TK to go save the sword maker. TK is caught up in heroism and runs off. But he is quickly stopped by the warriors. They shoot him down with arrows. He looks like he is dead but suddenly his wounds heal. Does he have a power?

Suresh comes back to NY and calls Noah and tells him a package is on its way. The Haitian appears and is back to use his powers to take down this company.

Claire is at home and gets curious about her regeneration. She decides to cut off her toe to see if it grows back. Of course it does. And who is watching her but her stalker, West. She sees him in the window and she runs outside. Out on the driveway is the book written by Suresh's father. Claire's dog barks into the air as if someone is up there.

Um HELLO where is Niki/Jessica???

How gross was Claire cutting off her toe?

What about Hiro playing out the role of TK? Pretty cool, huh?

And how hot was it when Peter started kicking ass? And what is the deal with these stupid iPods? Oh, and now there is "the box" (cue dramatic music)!

How did Suresh know that he was going to the Haitian so he can set up that plan with Noah?

So it looks like soon we should get to see Sylar again. It really doesn't seem like people can die even if their powers wouldn't save them.

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Blogger Elad said...

"the box" mystery already feels forced to me. but, that's Heroes advertising going further than the show just like last season.

i don't know if i'd describe Peter's battle as "hot" but it was pretty awesome. next week should be killer with him kicking ass on a heist!

i definitely agree that not showing Nikki makes us as the audience feel a little cheated. she was such an important character last season, i can't believe she won't be again.

as for the Honduran twins, it's a very interesting twist if they have some kind of joint power. can't wait to see where they're going with these guys. if they'll ever make it to the U.S. and if they'll find Dr. Suresh.

October 02, 2007 10:43 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Um yea Elad, don't call Peter hot. That is for the ladies ;)

I think Jessica/Nikki will be around - but the ads were making it look like she would be in last night's episode and I don't get why she wasn't. But I think another episode or two and she will show up.

And the Honduran twins both have some powers. I guess one kills and one heals? Pretty cool!

October 02, 2007 10:46 AM  

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