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Heroes - Season 2, Episode 3 - Kindred

Sorry for the late posting - been a busy week over here. But, better late than never, right?

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel like Heroes has been a bit repetitive lately. Did anything really new happen this week? OK there was a bit of newness between Claire and West. Oh and that whole Sylar thing, too. OK I guess there is something to talk let's get to it!

We open with Peter meeting with the Ireland thieves and they are talking about the newest plan to steal money from a bank. Peter's powers kick in (which come in and out without his control) and he reads the mind of Will, Ricky's brother, who says he is going to steal all the money. Peter calls Will out on it but nobody else heard Will's thoughts so they do not believe Peter. They have a trust of brotherhood and Peter isn't a brother.

Guess who is still on the run? That's right, Maya and Alejandro. Now they are somewhere in Mexico and they decide to steal a car to get to the border. A police officer sees them and the chase begins. Alejandro is caught and he tells Maya to keep on running.

Niki and Micah are back and Niki is breaking the bad news that they have to move again. Micah doesn't want to leave his father and Niki promises she will bring Micah to visit his father whenever he wants. We then see they are in front of a graveyard and DL is the only hero who was actually defeatable.
We are suddenly on the beach with a bikini clad gal chatting away on her cell phone. She says her name is Michelle but we soon find out it is Candice, the woman who is able to change what people see into anything she wants. Sylar is lying in a chair besides her in a Hawaiian shirt. Made me a little jealous because the scene looked so nice! Anyway, Candice explains that she created the illusion of the tropics for Sylar so he doesn't have to feel the pain that he is actually going through. Stubborn ol' Sylar raises his voice and insists to know the truth. Candice is no fool, she reveals that they are in a shack and Sylar is recovering from some major wounds from having a sword go through his chest.
Back in California suburbia, Claire and her dad have another heart to heart about her being special. Nothing new there. She heads off to school and her stalker, West, is on her tail. He saw her cut off a toe and he wants to know more. Claire insists that he has no idea what he saw and asks to be left alone.

Mohinder returns to NY and reunites with Matt and Molly. His work will now continue from NY.

Ando is slacking at work and wondering where Hiro could be. Somehow he has managed to keep the special sword (the same Hiro and Takezo Kensei are using in the past) in a cabinet in his office. Kinda strange that nobody saw him bring a huge sword in, but whatever. He is looking at the sword, thinking of Hiro, and he sees that at the bottom of the sword it tells Ando to open up a secret compartment in the handle. A tiny scroll comes out and it is a note from Hiro.
Peter and Caitlin share a lovely moment about what is going to happen at the bank robbery.

Alejandro goes to jail.

West asks obnoxious questions about regeneration to his biology teacher and pisses off Claire.

Ando is reading the scrolls and Hiro talks about his great adventure with TK and the sword maker's daughter. Hiro confesses to Ando that he has strong feelings for the girl. Meanwhile TK is freaking out over the fact that he can't die (do you think he is an ancestor of Claire?). He thinks Hiro cursed him. Hiro calms him down by showing TK that he, too, has special powers. Godsend!

TK wants to use his powers to make money and other things like that. Hiro insists TK take on the Battle of the 90 Angry Ronin. He transports TK to the battle and then abandons TK.
After Claire runs out of the bio classroom, West follows her. She is really upset with him for the way he is putting her on the spot and trying to make her tell the truth. Finally she admits her powers. And then, in the most cheesy moment in Heroes' history, West reveals he can fly.

The bank robbery is underway. It is an elaborate scheme where the police officers who are coming to pick up the money at the end of the day knock on the door to get the money from the bank. They are distracted by a belligerent guy and then attacked from behind and dragged away. The police officer from the bank opens the door and he has the money. He is confronted with a gun and the robbers take the box with the money. As they leave with the money more police officers show up with guns. I guess this is where Peter was supposed to come in, but I am not exactly sure how the plan fit him in. Peter quickly moves a huge truck to block the police officers from getting close to the robbers and the robbers quickly escape.

Somehow Isaac's loft has become Mohinder's new work space. I guess they didn't want to build another set? Or is it just a convenient way to make some things happen?

The swordmaker's daughter talks to Hiro about her feelings for TK. She says there are two sides to him and she can't really figure him out. The viewers all know that the 2nd side is actually Hiro in TK's costume. TK returns victoriously from his battle and wins the sword maker's daughter's heart.
Niki drops off Micah in New Orleans at Nana Dawson's home. This woman just looks cool and I have a feeling there are some hidden powers there!

Maya shows up to the police station and insists that her brother be set free. When the police officers refuse she shows them that her and her brother are the ones in the wanted poster. Before they can lock her up she does her weird thing and kills everyone, including the other inmate. She finds Alejandro, gets him out of the cell, and he uses his powers to bring everyone back to life. The other inmate asks to come with them so he can escape. He says his car is outside and he can get them to where they want to go. (How convenient) They agree and they all run out before the police officers can get them.

In Ireland the robbers are counting their money and surprise surprise, Will pulls a gun on his brother and demands all the money. Peter intervenes and is shot. Peter's body literally spits out the bullet and heals itself (very cool!). Peter then uses his powers to push Will up against the wall and choke him. Will is barely alive and Caitlin begs for Peter to let Will go. Peter drops Will and Will lives.

After the swordmaker's daughter and TK are together, Hiro decides he is going to come back to the present time. But after he says his goodbyes he gets jealous and decides to stay and continue the adventure.

Sylar is in a really pissy mood and taking it out on Candice. He is angry because his powers won't work. Candice says he will get better with her help and his powers will work again. She shows off how great things can be with her fulfilling his fantasies with her powers. Sylar gets blood hungry and kills Candice to take her powers. Too bad that his powers don't work anymore. Now he is stranded literally in the middle of nowhere with nobody there to help him. What an idiot, he could have really had some fun with Candice and now there is nobody in the world that cares about him.

Peter is worried that he is actually evil inside because of the way he treated Will. He is given his box to reveal who he really is. Peter is actually starting to like what he has become and decides not to open the box. Peter and Caitlin make out.

Claire and West make out. Claire notices a marking on West's neck and asks what it is. He explains that one day he was riding his bike and a "guy with the horn-rimmed glasses" pulled him away. After that he lost that day of memory. And suddenly Claire has a real conflict of interest.

We find out that Niki is siding with the guys that Mohinder works for so she can get better. They have some work for her in exchange for her getting better.

Mohinder and Noah are on the phone talking about some paintings that Mohinder found left over in Isaac's studio. He has found the 8th painting out of the set of 8 that will tell of future events. It is a picture of Noah dead on the ground with Claire kissing someone in the background. The picture is emailed to Noah and Claire is home and they both look at each other with a bit of suspicion.

So where are we going with all of this? What is Niki's new job? What is up with Nana Dawson? Will Sylar be stuck in the middle of nowhere? Will Peter ever really know who he is? What is going to happen to Noah? Why did Hiro stay in the past? Will Alejandro and Maya ever stop running?

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