Thursday, October 11, 2007

Outside of the Classroom

It feels like a very long time ago when I was in a high school classroom. There were no real computer classes (except learning how to type on a keyboard), no blogs, no myspace, no text messaging. We had beepers! And only the rich kids had cell phones.

But the world has changed and so has the classroom. I got an email from a friend today pointing me in the direction of a blog that is written by a class of sophomore high school students in Connecticut. They have been given the assignment to write a blog post about a current event. It seems like both a writing assignment and an experiment at the same time. Will random people find their site? Will they get comments? Will they spark interest? Will they be linked to? (Yes!)

So far they have touched on Darfur, the war in Iraq, global warming, the death penalty, obesity, college drinking, Jena 6, abortion and religion. It really represents all the issues that this country (and world) discusses and thinks about every single day.

Check out Olmstead/Wasserman 212 and leave a comment showing them some love!

I wish them the best of luck and welcome them to the blogosphere!



Anonymous moonjester said...

thanks for getting these places out there i am part of that calss and it is great to know ther are other people out there looking at this

October 16, 2007 2:38 PM  

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