Friday, October 05, 2007


So this is really cool: A Tribute to REM's classic album, Automatic for the People, by, featuring such artists as the Shout Out Louds, the Figures, the Meat Puppets, and Dr. Dog (whoever they are).

I haven't actually listened to it yet (cause I'm at work and busy as always), but I will later tonight!

Stereogum did a tribute to Radiohead's OK Computer about a month ago that was cool, but not the best music ever. Interesting, but not memorable. Here's hoping this one's better.



Blogger Chris B said...

The only band I've heard here before is Meat Puppets, which I never got into.

REM's Automatic is such a great album, this is a tuff one to pull off.

I think these bands did a good job:

Rogue Wave 'the sidewinder sleeps tonight'

Figurines 'New Orleans Instrumental No.1'

Sara Quin performs an interesting version of this great song, 'Sweetness Follows'

The Forms do a very funky 'Ignore Land'


Dr. Dog - kind of 60's ish, with 'Find the River'. I like it a lot, this one is my favorite.

October 11, 2007 7:06 PM  

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