Wednesday, October 03, 2007


For anyone who watches the Food Network, you have to admit there has been a whole lot of Alton Brown lately on that channel. Even This Just In realized it awhile back.

So it is no surprise that fans are bringing it up a notch (oh wait, that's Emeril)...

Here is a list of 30 things you didn't know about Alton Brown.

Some of my favorites:

#20. Alton Brown's cakes don't rise. They ascend.

#22. Alton Brown's no saint. But if his chicken Kiev cures one more kid's leprosy, the church will reconsider the evidence.

#29. When Alton Brown slices onions, the onions cry.

OK, so it is a joke - but it shows you how nutty his fans are!

As much as the Food Network is on Alton overkill, I have to admit I am a big fan. I watch Good Eats at least once out of the 50 times it is on daily. And you couldn't move me from the couch when Feasting on Asphalt was one. Too bad I missed the last episode. They still haven't replayed it. Anyone know how I can check it out?

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Blogger happy roy said...

alton is the best! i love ina garten (barefoot contessa) for her recipes and paula deen for her insanity, but no one breaks it down like alton does!

i didn't get to watch feasting on asphalt at all, but i will drop everything to watch good eats.

October 03, 2007 11:12 AM  

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