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Project Runway Recap

This week's episode was entitled "What's Your Line" - and the designers had to give a sneak peak into what their line at Fashion Week would look like. The challenge seems a little unfair because I doubt many of the designers at this point of the show started thinking about a full line - but they did simplify it by saying that the designers needed to make an evening gown.

The designers ran off in excitement - and of course Kara got all flustered and couldn't come up with a design, Santino went into war mode, Chloe was cool and calm, and Danny V just did his thang. Just like last week, the designers were looking at Santino like "why are you still here?" and this week he decided to just keep his mouth shut and try his hardest to win the challenge. Kara took Santino's silence as him being a "dick" and yes he refused to help anyone if they asked - but hey he is in it for the win.

The designers made a surprise visit to Fern Mallis, who works for Seven on 6th (the organizer for Fashion week) and they were able to ask as many questions as they wanted. The main theme of this meeting was Fern telling them that "It doesn't help to be nasty, be a bitch..." At the moment Fern said that Danny V shot the look of death over at Santino. Oooh that was harsh - but totally called for. Danny V already made it clear to Santino that he should have been out because his garment last week was not finished with the arm falling off and Nick at least had a finished suit. This little exchange between the two guys left made for some great tension. You can tell poor Danny V misses Nick and Andrae and is feeling cursed with having Santino around.

So of course Project Runway doesn't ever just reveal one surprise - the designers were in store for 2 more! First - they found out that the winning gown of this challenge was going to be worn my Iman (yes, the celeb/supermodel) on the red carpet at some event. That was huge because now the winning dress has to be to Iman's liking. You know suddenly Santino got put ahead of the game with his diva inspired gowns and Chloe with her simple designs wasn't going to cut it.

Second surprise - the designers were taken on a secret field trip where they got to drink and mingle with last year's top designers Kara Saun, Austin and the winner Jay. Strangely Wendy Pepper was missing from the mix. Also, Michael Kors, Heidi and the remaining runway models were on hand. This was a nice break for the hard working designers and of course the audience loves to see season one designers hamming it up.

At one point when the designers were back in the work room we got a little insight into Chloe's feelings. All of the designers were shocked when she said that she wasn't sure if she wanted to win. Suddenly everyone questioned her desire and later on in the episode it comes back to haunt her.

With tension mounting the designers finalized their gowns for the runway show. It seems that Danny V, Chloe and Kara all tried to play it really safe. None of their designs had anything that jumped out at you - just simple basic gowns.

The Winner - again for the millionth time - Danny V

And here is Iman wearing his gown on a red carpet:

And Kara was OUT

The reason Kara has had to go for such a long time was seen in her gown tonight - it was boring. Most of the designs she has made throughout the season (except for the one made of plant leaves) were so basic that I could have found it in the sale rack at Ross. The Judge's saw that this dress was not only way too simple but unfinished. The hem was uneven and there were threads hanging off the bottom.

Chloe also playing it safe:

The fit was not good on her ass - but otherwise the dress was good enough to keep her in.

Santino's Belly Dancer:

I thought Iman was going to pick this dress just because Santino seems to impress the celebs. But she went with Danny V because Santino was just a little too over the top. The bottom of the dress was really beautiful - and if he toned down the upper half he would have been the winner this week. (This picture doesn't show what's really going on at the bottom of Santino's dress - I will need to find a better picture)

And now the drama on the runway - Heidi asked Chloe which designer she thought should be out. Chloe went for Santino. This question was a shock and seemed unfair - but then all of the designers were asked the same question. Santino picked Chloe. Danny V. picked Chloe. Kara picked Chloe. What is going on here? Since when does everyone not think Chloe is great? Danny V said that Chloe has already opened a store to sell her designs and winning this competition would benefit the other designers more because they have never had that same opportunity. Santino said that Danny V and Kara are creative - and Chloe is not. Kara said Chloe but I'm not sure why - maybe because of Chloe's earlier remarks that she isn't sure if she wants to win.

Well Chloe was tested on the runway but now she said she wants to win and has that passion. Let's hope we see it at fashion week!

Winner of Project Runway? Well I did get a sneak peak at the Fashion Week lines and I'm still not sure who is the winner. I really liked everything I saw. However, Santino was pretty and he didn't do any Santino-isms on his line - but that made it almost boring. Danny V. was interesting but nothing popped out - it all looked kinda career woman to me. Chloe has some great pieces and her line actually looked cohesive - but some of it was too 1980's for me. So I can't really say for sure who is the winner.



Blogger Elad said...

The final episode should be a blast. Last year's finale was a real winner, with the tastes of backhome for the designers and watching a more realistic creative process (lots of time and lots of effort). There was the added element of Wendy Pepper's strange inclusion and major tension between her and the other designers. For our purposes, Santino is this year's Wendy Pepper. He doesn't get along with the others, he probably should have been cut weeks ago, and has the most ability to surprise us.

Chloe has talent and style but she has a tendency to play it safe. I'm hoping the weeks leading up to Fashion Week will help her focus and go that extra mile.

As for Daniel V, it's his competition to lose. He's got the most talent and style. He's the youngest, which is a mixed bag. He can really shine with bursting creativity and originality, but without experience, he may balk under the pressure.

Should be fascinating!

February 16, 2006 11:36 AM  

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