Thursday, December 28, 2006


Noah K's Flickr Set - everday/celebrity

Noah Kalina was able to have his photo taken with several celebrities at the Big in '06 VH1 Awards Show. Background on the project: "The only celebs that were actually familiar with the phenomenon that is Noah K were Weird Al Yankovic and Paris Hilton. How perfect is that?"

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I found this article which interviews Noah about this project. Gives more details on how the project happened and how he was able to take the pictures.

This is the same guy who took a picture of himself every single day for the past 6 years....Noah K Everyday.

And here is the video that brought Noah his fame:

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Blogger Elad said...

wow! that video is amazing. the concept is incredible as is the execution. love the original music, too.

December 28, 2006 6:44 PM  

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