Thursday, January 04, 2007

Art Miami 2007

Art Miami is coming to South Beach, the Wynwood Art District and the Design District this very weekend - January 5 - 8.

There will be an Art Fair in the Miami Beach Convention Center starting Friday, January 5th - and the opening night will be FREE (on Friday Night)!!!!! Looks like they will also have music and cocktails to start off the weekend just right!

The calendar of events looks like it has enough to keep you moving around all weekend. There are exhibits, lunches, brunches, panel discussions, cocktail receptions and on Saturday night the merchants and galleries in the Design District are opening their doors for an all out party that will flood into the streets. Expect food, drink, dancing and of course ART! They have also provided free shuttle service from the South Beach Convention Center to the Design District for certain events.

I am looking forward to the Design District events and it looks like some upscale restaurants have taken part in the fun. They are offering prix fixe menus along with tickets for events at a discounted price.

I hope that this is a smaller scale Art Basel so I can actually appreciate what I am seeing, and not feel overwhelmed. So far it looks like it is - considering tickets for the convention center art fair are only $12 adults and $5 for students. Sounds good to me!



Blogger Elad said...

yay art! culture in miami = :)

January 04, 2007 6:38 PM  

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