Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year's Eve Celebration

I celebrated New Year's Eve with friends in South Beach. We started the party at a friend's apartment on Collins in South Beach. We had a buffet of appetizers which were EXCELLENT and then we headed over to the beach to countdown to 2007 and see fireworks. We kinda missed the countdown and somehow there were no fireworks. But we had a great time anyway!!!

Party Time!

The Host and Hostess

Look at all that food...chip/veggies and onion dip, mini quiches, pigs in a blanket, cheese plate, fruit, baked brie, taquitos, mini pizzas, pita chips and hummus, two bite brownies and (it is never a party without it) Entenmann's donut.

I like Elad's Hat

Yes, we rocked around a Christmas Tree!

My lovely Christmas Tree Ornament earings

A Myspace New Year's

Happy New Year!!


(Thank you Pinc for the pictures)


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