Monday, January 08, 2007

Art Miami - YAY and BOOOOO

I was really looking forward to a weekend of fun at Art Miami. Friday night at the Convention Center turned out to be a success considering (1) it was FREE (2) the art was interesting and (3) the art fair was small enough to appreciate.

Oh, and I was in the company of some fun people - Pinc, Superbee and Elad. With this group I could have been sitting in an empty room and had a great time!

We also got to see this now famous picture:

Just as cool in real life. Santa Angelina indeed.

I headed out with the same crew from Friday night to the Saturday night event in the Design District. Sadly, Saturday night was a BUST. We hyped up this design district thing hoping it would be half as cool as the art basel event - and when we showed up we found very small groups of people wandering around probably thinking exactly what we were thinking - where is everybody?

Many stores/restaurants were closed - some galleries were open but people were not around to see anything. I saw a live band performing on one street corner but I wasn't feeling it. No bars set up - no djs - nada. We found a table that looked like it had booze and all he had was some straight up liquor (he said he ran out of all mixers). I have a feeling we missed the entire event - but that is a shock considering it was only around 10pm. After being dissapointed we headed to Stop Miami and had a drink and called it a night. That saved the night for me so I won't say Saturday was a complete waste.

The design district has so much potential!!! Why don't more places open up and people go there more often? Come on Miami - this is probably our only hope to being more than just a cheesy tourist destination - so where is everyone???



Blogger Elad said...

I thought the fair at the Convention Center was quite good. The work wasn't as pretenious as self-absorbed as a lot of the Basel stuff. the student work by the FIU students was a definite standout. There were a couple other booths or showcases that were totally worth the gas. On Saturday, just like New Year's actually, good company saved a potentially disastrous night.

January 08, 2007 12:36 PM  

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