Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heroes - Season 1, Episode 15 - Run!

Any week without Peter Petrelli makes me sad. It looks like they have abandoned the big storyline of saving the world to look at some smaller battles between the Heroes.

Nikki/Jessica v. Matt Parkman

Matt's new job as a bodyguard has him protecting a diamond buyer, Mr. Malsky, during a visit to a diamond seller. We see that Nikki/Jessica has been hired by Linderman (Linderman! a la Seinfeld) to kill Malsky. There is a full out battle where Matt fully uses his powers to battle Nikki/Jessica. But alas his powers are nothing against Nikki/Jessica's strength and ability to rip people to pieces.

Meanwhile, Micah is wanting to put all this Hero stuff out in the open and tries to get his parents to talk about what's going on but they refuse and ask him to go to school.

And sadly Matt hears the police officer's putting him down (in their thoughts) and instead of giving over the diamonds he finds he keeps them for himself.

Claire v Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon

Claire's adopted mother has completely lost her mind - literally - she can't remember anything. Mr. Bennet punishes Claire for skipping school and catches her in a lie with the fake tickets to the aquarium.

Claire calls her birth mother hoping to meet her father. Earlier in the episode Meredith speaks to Nathan and asks for his help. He agrees to give her $100,000. When Claire meets up with her mom she is told that Nathan offered $50,000 and Claire is entitled to half (ooh sneaky bitch!).

Later on Nathan talks to his own mother about Claire. She warns him that he should stay away and just send the money. Apparently he didn't listen to her and he visits Meredith personally. He arrived right after Claire met with her. Meredith tells Nathan that she already told Claire that he won't be part of her life. He agrees that this is the best way to go about it and then leaves. We then see Claire listening in on their conversation from outside a window. As he is leaving Claire throws a rock at his car and breaks a window. He didn't know it was her.

Hiro v Ando
Ando must really need some ass because the last few episodes he has had his eye on any woman he can find (last week was Hiro's sister). When Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas they fight over what to do and Hiro says Ando must trust him and Ando says he needs to find hope. Ando sees a woman crying and asks if he can help her and she introduces herself as Hope. He sees this as a sign and will do anything for her.

She says that her boyfriend beat her and she left her purse in his hotel room. Ando says he will sneak in and get the purse. Hiro thinks this is nuts but they go up to the room by faking to be hotel staff. When they search the room (while the guy is in the shower) they find a huge gun in the closet. Hiro says they need to leave and Ando tricks Hiro and let's Hiro leave while Ando stayed behind.

Hiro then goes to talk to Hope and overhears her say: "I do all the work, he takes half the profit? Sick of it... no, I got these two Chinese guys to help me out. I turned on the waterworks and they were mine... Yep, they're getting the suitcase as we speak." Hiro confronts her and she punches him out and locks him in a closet. Ando then shows up with the purse and she lays a big kiss on him and says Hiro left. Hiro is found in the closet by a police officer and he does the Star Trek ā€œVā€ with his hand and says ā€œI come in peace.ā€ (Another Star Trek reference)

Mohinder v Sylar
Sylar v Zane Taylor

Mohinder has been desperately trying to get in touch with all of the people who have super powers (I guess they are on the list). He gets a call from Zane Taylor who sounds anxious, lost and in need of help. Mohinder agrees to come visit immediately.

Somehow Sylar beat Mohinder to the punch and shows up at Zane's house. Zane opens the door and asks if this person is Mohinder. Sylar says yes. I guess Zane has never heard an Indian name or has seen an Indian person.

Sylar comes in and gets Zane to show him his power. Zane can turn anything into a liquid. Of course Sylar does his thing and kills Zane to steal the power (greedy bastard). Mohinder then shows up and Sylar acts like Zane. Mohinder is happy to find someone willing to help him with his quest. Sylar asks if he can join Mohinder in talking to the other people and help show them that they aren't alone. Mohinder agrees.

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