Friday, March 30, 2007

Aubrey Pregnant? With Diddy's Baby!?!?!?!

According to A Socialite's Life, Aubrey O'Day (From Making the Band 3 - Danity Kane) is Pregnant. And if this picture below is for real, she is not looking her normal hot self.

Well, the story doesn't end there. Word from around the Bad Boy water cooler is that Diddy could be the Daddy. According to the tipster:

"Everyone knows she had something going on with [Diddy]. It makes a lot of sense that he would be the father." But the tipster adds, "I really hope Diddy didn't [get her pregnant], because this could turn into a real mess ... imagine if she sued for [sexual] harassment."

I knew there was a reason I loved that show!

I doubt it is Diddy's baby (if she is really pregnant). She has a boyfriend - DJ Cassidy - and Diddy has been a bit preoccupied over the past few months with a new set of twins from another baby momma.


Still no confirmation if Aubrey O'Day is Pregnant, but I did find other pictures of her from the same night. She doesn't look as bad as she does in the original picture (top of this post).

Link to all the pictures from that night - Aubrey O'Day at B2B After-Party at Marquee

Here she is with her boyfriend, DJ Cassidy:


Apparently Aubrey wants the world to know its a fake story and went to a store to play an April Fool's Joke on all of us. Check her out with all those pregnancy tests:


Check out the video of her shopping at Media Out - who didn't get the joke.

(2nd Update from Sandra Rose News)

Last Update (maybe?): The Final Word

Aubrey has released this statement to the press where she knocks down any rumors of her being pregnant:

Aubrey of DANITY KANE released the following statement today regarding rumors of her being pregnant.

" I am not pregnant. Recent rumors linking me to Sean Combs, CEO of my label Bad Boy Entertainment are completely untrue and ridiculous." (SOURCE)

So there you have it - she isn't pregnant. Maybe she just needs a better stylist.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had front row seats to the back to basics tour on 4-13-07 in Cleveland Ohio. DK opened up that night, and Aubrey was 5-10 feet from me. NO WAY SHE IS PREGNANT

April 14, 2007 11:24 PM  

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